In the Line of Fire, by Michael Brown

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Gay marriage

I Now Pronounce You Spouse and Spouse

In keeping with its reputation of pioneering social madness, California has now passed legislation which eliminates the words "husband" and "wife" from state laws. Dr. Michael Brown gives his analysis. read more

Palestinian mourners

Renouncing Jewish Jihad

The power of hate shows no favoritism. It will destroy not only Muslims but also Jews. Let us without reserve or qualification utterly renounce "Jewish jihad." read more

Presbyterians and gay marriage

It's Time to Leave the Presbyterian Church (USA)

If you are a Jesus-loving, Bible-based Presbyterian (U.S.A.), unless God has called you to stand as a prophetic voice of rebuke or your ministry commitments make it impossible to leave, now is the time to exit. read more

Don/Dawn Ennis

Sex Change Regret

"Ennis said that while his memories of the past 14 years had returned, his female identity did not." And now he has reverted to Dawn. Is it transphobic to say that this man needs help? read more

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Heads Are Literally Rolling in Iraq

As America looks on in a state of paralyzed shock, Muslims are slaughtering Muslims in Iraq, with reports that the heads of those decapitated are literally piling up in the streets. read more

Do you only listen to sermons that scratch your itching ears?

5 Signs of Ear-Tickling Preachers

Paul warned Timothy to beware of unsound teachers, and that warning has proved true many times since. Today, we have a multitude of ear-tickling preachers. How can we recognize them? read more

Michael Brown

On With It!

Has God called you to go against the grain and swim against the tide? Has He called you to accomplish an impossible task? If so, this article is for you. read more

Garrosh Hellscream,

Violent Video Games and Mass Murder

Not everyone is able to distinguish fantasy from reality, and studies show it is the unstable who are most likely to be affected negatively by violent video games. Was this the case with mass murderer Elliot Rodger? read more

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