Clarion Call, by Matt Barber

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Islamic Center of America

The Magical Land of Progressitopia

There once was a magical land with two peoples: those who saw the world as it was, and those who saw the world as they wished it could be. Then came an exception: Islam. read more

young girls

How We Told Our Kids About Sex

Parents, be warned: If it has yet to happen, your day too will come. You will, at one time or another, be forced to have "that talk" with your little ones. read more

Matt Barber

An Open Letter to the False Church

Matt Barber writes a heartfelt letter to false prophets, false teachers and Christian apostates with hopes that it would lead to repentance and right-standing with God the Father. read more

happiness in chaos

Finding Joy Amid World’s Chaos

For anyone gifted with the spirit of discernment, it's hard to ignore the heavy stench of unparalleled spiritual warfare that hangs thick in the air. How do you stay sane with all that's happening in the world? read more

Matt Barber

The Coming Christian Revolt

For 2,000 years, whenever such conflicts have arisen, Christians have placed the laws of God above the laws of man. What makes you think we're about to change now? read more

Hobby Lobby

Left Moves to Outlaw Christianity

The mask is off. All pretense has been dropped, and the anti-Christian left's boundless depth of hatred for individual liberty is now on full display. Find out what's going on. read more

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was Right … Sort of

While reams have already been penned examining the implications of last week's Hobby Lobby decision, most of what's been written, particularly in the liberal press, has missed the point entirely. Was Ginsberg right? read more

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