Ukraine's Official Statement

A number of evangelical leaders in Ukraine signed a statement, dated 29 December 2008, and sent exclusively, in English translation, to RISU's office.

The subject is the activity of Pastor Sunday Adelaja, head of the Kyiv-based Embassy of God Church. The leaders, among other things, write that "We radically dissociate ourselves from Sunday Adelaja and his activity." The original text, with no editing changes, follows.


of the senior leaders of evangelical churches of Ukraine regarding the activity of Sunday Adelaja and the negative impact it has had on Ukrainian Christianity

"...and have tested those who say they are apostles, and are not and have found them liars..." (Rev. 2:2, Bible, NKJ)

On December, 16th, 2008 a meeting of the senior ministers of evangelical churches of Ukraine with the senior pastor of the "God's Embassy" religious community Sunday Adelaja took place in Kyiv, Ukraine. The purpose of the meeting was to lay claims and to pose the questions exciting within the churches and the public of Ukraine as well as to confront S. Adelaja about his actions and statements which do not correspond with the Holy Scriptures. In the course of the discussion S.Adelaja acknowledged many of his mistakes, asked for forgiveness, promised to repent publicly and also promised to subordinate to the evangelical position expressed at the meeting with the leaders of evangelical churches of Ukraine. From our side we, as senior leaders of evangelical churches, expected pastor Sunday Adelaja to consequently undertake definite actions in the fulfillment of the promised corrections.

To our deep regret, no actions which could be qualified as "worthy fruits of repentance" have been undertaken by S. Adelaja since the time of the meeting. On the contrary, such reports as "Sunday Adelaja thanked leaders of evangelical churches for support", or "It is unfair to give the one-sided report, said pastor Sunday Adelaja ", or " An official address of pastor Sunday Adelaja to all protestant believers" appeared on the "God's Embassy's" web-site. This makes it clear that pastor Sunday resorted to manipulations, untrue statements and self-justification.

We have taken into consideration the appeals for the help and council of many people from among the members of the "God's Embassy" religious community who suffered from the activity of "King's Capital" financial company. Testimonies of these people, the close analysis of the facts, reaction to reproof of the bishops of evangelical churches of Ukraine (dated December, 16th, 2008) – all of these point out that pastor Sunday Adelaja is an inspirer and a spiritual protector of the above mentioned financial structures which finally led to deplorable spiritual and material condition of many people, and even to the point of loss of their accommodation and own habitation. The given activity has become the cause for some mass-media to identify Sunday Adelaja with all Christian evangelical churches.

Previously leaders of various Christian evangelical churches repeatedly admonished and warned S. Adelaja, but have been ignored.

In view of the above-stated and based on the Holy Bible (Is. 56:10-11; Is.57:17,20-21; Ezek. 34:1-11; Mat. 6:24; 18:17; 1st Peter 5:1-3; 1st Tim 5:20; 6:5-11), WE ANNOUNCE:

• We radically dissociate ourselves from Sunday Adelaja and his activity.

• We condemn:

— Aspirations to create a cult of personality;

— Methods and the activity, based on self-advertisement, exaggeration of personal merits and on lie;

— The false doctrine of prosperity, the sin of love of money;

— Practice to curse the church members and parishioners who disagree with his opinion.

• We ascertain:

— Sunday Adelaja is the inspirer and the spiritual patron of the para-church financial structures («King's Capital» and other);

— Sunday Adelaja evaded from the pure evangelical doctrine and is currently in spiritual seduction and error.

• We address:

— All the church leaders to abstain from brotherly fellowship with Sunday Adelaja;

— To pray for spiritual healing of members of the "God's Embassy" religious community;

— To pray for those who suffered from the activity of the "King's Capital" financial company;

— The Board of the "God's Embassy Church to discharge Sunday Adelaja and to compel him to leave the ministry for the improvement of the spiritual the church.

• We suggest Sunday Adelaja to sincerely repent in his words and deeds and we do believe that only a true repentance gives freedom and cleanses from all sins and delusions.

(Holy Bible, Revelation 3:18-19: "I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see. As many as I love, I rebuke and Chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent".)

The Official Statement was signed by:

Bishop Mikhail Panochko – President of the All-Ukrainian Church Union of Evangelical Faith Christians - Pentecostal;

Bishop Leonid Padun – Leader of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church;

Assistant Bishop Anatoly Gluhovsky – Union of the Free Churches of the Evangelical Faith Christians of Ukraine;

Bishop Philip Savochka – Leader of the "Salvation" Christian Evangelical Church;

Bishop Valery Reshetinskiy – Leader of the Union of Christian of Evangelical Faith "Ukrainian Missionary Сhurch";

Bishop Anatoliy Gavriluk – President of the Union of Independent Christian Charismatic Churches of Ukraine (Full Gospel);

Bishop Anatoliy Kalyuzhniy – Leader of Independent Evangelical Churches of Ukraine Union;

Pastor Boris Grisenko – Kyiv Messianic Congregation;

Pastor Peter Kovalenko – Senior Pastor of Kharkiv Christian Church.

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