Top of the Week: Christian Rocker Brings Prophetic Rebuke to Compromised Christian Music

John Cooper of Skillet
John Cooper of Skillet (Facebook/John Cooper)

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Christian Rocker Brings Prophetic Rebuke to Compromised Christian Music

Although Skillet is one of the best-known Christian rock bands ever, I only became aware of them when John Cooper, the band's longtime frontman, wrote a strong response to former Hillsong worship leader Marty Sampson. Since then, John and I have become close friends, often interacting about the compromised state of so much of the contemporary church. In fact, Skillet's great song "The Resistance" is the theme music for my daily broadcast In The Line of Fire.

Most recently, John has been involved in the controversy when former Caedmon's Call singer-songwriter, Derek Webb, went to the [Dove] awards in a dress, alongside openly queer Christian artist Semler, and drag queen Flamy Grant. Webb also posted a picture of the trio on social media with the caption, "54th annual dove awards, here we come."

Webb is a former contemporary Christian music artist who turned away from the faith and has partnered with Flamy Grant, a drag queen (and former worship leader named Matthew Blake) whose music has been #1 on iTunes for Christian music in 2022. I am not making this up.

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Signorelli Film Premier Wows Audiences, More Screenings Planned

The power of the Holy Spirt did its miraculous work in select movie theaters across the country Tuesday night. The proof is in the Mike Signorelli documentary "The Domino Revival," scheduled to be featured for a one-night-only release.

However, the film received such overwhelming audience response—it grabbed the third spot at the box office with more than $573,000 in gross revenue—that it will return to theaters for an encore performance Monday, Nov. 13.

The groundbreaking film distributed by Fathom Events is a gripping cinematic experience taking viewers on a deep dive into America's spiritual crisis and captures the essence of spiritual hunger at a crucial time in history. The new film took audiences by storm, overwhelming its director, Mike Signorelli, lead pastor at V1Church in New York City.

Could Scientists Really Have Found Noah's Ark?

Scientists excavating a large boat-shaped mound in the eastern mountains of Turkey have announced their tests on the rock and soil samples they collected at the site indicate humans were living at the site 5,000 years ago—the same time frame that some biblical scholars link to the Great Flood from the Bible's Old Testament book of Genesis.

The research team from three Turkish and American universities has been investigating the theory that the geologic formation is actually the ruins of Noah's Ark.

According to the test results, there were human activities in the region from 5,550 to 3,000 BC, according to Arkeonews. The mound exists in the Ararat region which was known as Urartu in the ancient past.

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Has This Kent Christmas Prophecy for 2023 Been Fulfilled?

Back in September, Kent Christmas shared some very clear and specific prophecies that would come to pass in the last few months of 2023. The question now is whether one of these prophecies has already been fulfilled.

One of the specific prophecies that Christmas spoke over was that God was going to do something to shake up Congress.

"I'm going to so confuse the so-called experts," Christmas said. "I'm going to show up in places nobody thought that I could show up. 'Before I'm done,' says the Lord, 'They will allow a Spirit-filled, Holy Ghost, tongue-talking preacher to open Congress.'"

3 Days of Darkness and Deception Disguised as Religious Holidays

Most Bible believers are familiar with the ninth plague that fell on Egypt right before Israel's exodus. God commanded Moses, "Stretch out your hand toward heaven, that there may be darkness over the land of Egypt, darkness which may even be felt," (Exod. 10:21). It happened! The darkness was so intense, the Egyptians never left their homes.

That storyline parallels something similar that happens globally every year: three consecutive days of spiritual darkness and deception that settle over the world disguised as religious holidays (holy days).


Masquerading in costumes and children "Trick-or-Treating" door-to-door looks innocent, but this day hides a sinister past. Originally, an ancient pagan celebration called Samhain (pronounced sow-in), it was a dreadful night full of occult rituals performed by Druid priests as the darkness of winter approached. It included wearing costumes (often animal skins and heads), not for fun but to ward off evil ghosts. Witches and wiccans to this day believe it is a day when communication with the dead is most advantageous. Supposedly, the "veil" between the natural and spiritual realms is at its thinnest, most penetrable point.

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