Morning Rundown: FBI Unraveling Twisted Tactics of Satanic Pedophiles

Badge on an FBI agent
Badge on an FBI agent (Wikimedia Commons)

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FBI Unraveling Twisted Tactics of Satanic Pedophiles

The FBI has raised a red flag regarding violent online groups that pose a grave threat to minors by using messaging platforms to encourage self-harm and produce child sexual abuse material.

At the forefront of this chilling revelation is the emergence of a group known as 764, an offshoot of the Order of Nine Angles, a sinister collection of esoteric Hitler worship, Satanism and Wiccan beliefs. This warning marks the first time that any American law enforcement agency has formally acknowledged such a group.

The FBI's awareness of the 764 group came to light following the arrest of Angel Almeida, a 23-year-old resident of Astoria, Queens, in Nov. 2021, on gun possession charges. The faction preys on minors between the ages of 8 and 17—particularly those dealing with mental health issues—and employs threats, blackmail and manipulation to coerce their victims into recording or live-streaming acts of self-harm, explicit acts and even suicide. The footage is then circulated among members for further extortion and control.

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Devils or Aliens? What Does the Pentagon Believe?

In a world that seems to be growing stranger by the day, the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial life has shifted from the realm of science fiction to the halls of government and mainstream news. Mysterious sightings of massive unidentified flying objects have sparked a wide range of speculations.

But one perspective emerging from within the Pentagon offers a unique twist—the belief that these so-called aliens may, in fact, be demonic entities. This intriguing notion comes from a Christian perspective and is gaining attention, challenging conventional narratives surrounding UFOs and alien life.

In the past, discussions about UFOs and aliens might have been brushed aside as eccentric and implausible. However, the contemporary surge in UFO sightings and official inquiries has cast a spotlight on the phenomena in our skies, leaving many to question their nature and origins.

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Is Popular YouTuber's Salvation Reality or Appeasement?

Deliverance minister Isaiah Saldivar calls him "one of the most influential people in our generation online."

If JiDion Adams, who has almost 8 million followers on YouTube, is sincere about turning his life completely over to Christ—which recently he did on a video on his channel—then certainly this is a huge blow to the enemy's end times plans.

Adams, who was raised in a Christian background and professed to be a Christian, but never fully practiced it, told his YouTube followers that he was "all in" with Jesus late last month when the Holy Spirit convicted his heart following a conversation with an Uber driver.

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