New 'Pastors for Trump' Group Hopes to Reignite 2016 Fire

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As the Republican party endures an identity crisis about what it is and where it stands, some evangelicals hope to bring back the momentum Donald Trump rode to victory in 2016.

To do this, Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer is looking to unify Christians across the country to help ensure Donald Trump retakes the White House in 2024.

Lahmeyer is the Lead Pastor for Sheridan Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has previously worked with major ministries such as Christ For All Nations and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He also ran for United States Senate from Oklahoma during the 2021-2022 election season.

"President Trump made it clear during his 2016 campaign for President of the United States that he was committed to bringing Christian leaders into the fold. During his historic first term, he proved that he would deliver on the promises he made. Heading into 2024, it is more important now than ever to reaffirm the strength of the Christian faith and our willingness to support President Trump in his fight to return to the Oval Office," explained Lahmeyer.

Lahmeyer fills every slot that the left hates in Trump-supporting Republicans. Lahmeyer is not bowing the knee to the federal government and is in fact standing against it stronger than he had been before.

Pastor Lahmeyer represents a growing group of not only evangelicals, but conservatives, Libertarians and disillusioned Democrats who no longer identify with the blue party anymore, who have lost complete faith in the federal government.

With the revelations in the Twitter Files, those who had been called conspiracy theorists, Christian whack-jobs and election deniers were all proven right. It was a conspiracy, but one propagated by the Biden administration, federal agencies and Big Tech companies like Meta (Facebook), Twitter and YouTube. What the Twitter Files also did was prove Donald J. Trump was correct.

Now, Americans like Lahmeyer have taken up the mantle to spread the awareness and get out the vote to ensure that an administration is put in place that is for the American people, not against it.

But Pastors For Trump has a long road ahead of it. While many moderates and conservatives alike agreed with Trump's policies during his tenure, those same moderates, and women in particular, were driven away by the outspoken president's rhetoric and how he addressed others.

Not only is there a large hill for the group to climb with voters, but to say that Washington D.C. is staunchly against Trump returning as the Commander-in-Chief is an understatement.

Even with Pelosi being ousted as majority leader in the House, Trump has enemies on both sides of the aisle. Republicans like Senators Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell and outgoing Rep. Liz Cheney have proven by both actions and words that they are not in favor of Donald Trump returning to the White House.

But Pastor Lahmeyer is leaning on his background to rally the troops and highlight the importance of electing Donald Trump as president again.

"Mobilization is my background," Lahmeyer said referencing his time as Crusade Director at Christ For All Nations and State Coordinator for the BGEA.

Lahmeyer also believes this is a spiritual battle which has earned him the ire of those on the left who fear he would push for a Christian theocracy if Trump were to be elected again. However, Lahmeyer has already shot down those rumors in an interview with Rolling Stone saying, "I'm going to push for Christian leaders, because we do need Christian leaders in the realm," he says. "But to say that every position would be occupied by a Christian? That's impossible; this is a representative Republic."

While many within the left-stream media purport the "Big Lie" which was found out to be the "Bigger Truth," Lahmeyer looks to do all he can do bring about the Lord's will and allow free and fair elections that this republic was founded on to determine the future of America.

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