Monday Night NASA Will Crash a Spacecraft Into an Asteroid


Monday night NASA is embarking on the first ever mission to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid–on purpose. While this isn't part of an end-times prophetic moment, NASA is working to prepare the Earth if an asteroid was to ever come directly to us. Their goal is to see if they can alter the course of a gigantic space rock the size of an Egyptian pyramid.

While it may sound like the plot to 'Armageddon', NASA is hopeful that this test will pave the way for Earth's planetary defense. The asteroid called Dimorphos doesn't pose any imminent threat to Earth, but NASA is building up their planetary defense.

"If that kind of threat were to come and it were incoming, we'd be ready if we could find it far enough away, hit it, move its trajectory and by the time it got to Earth it would miss us," NASA administrator Bill Nelson says.

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) will travel 15,000 miles per hour when it hits the asteroid. Dimorphos is 7 million miles away from Earth and the spacecraft took off on Nov. 23, 2021 and has been traveling towards the space rock since.

Thomas Horn wrote "The Wormwood Prophecy" about whether or not the Bible predicts an asteroid in the end-times. He questions whether or not NASA and high-level government officials are aware of an asteroid on a collision course to our planet.

When asked about NASA's efforts to hit Dimorphos a 'moonlet' of Didymos, Horn says, "Considering the fact that Didymos is not viewed as a threat to planet Earth, the price of such experimentation seems exorbitant, unless those conducting this test run see it as an investment toward protecting the planet from future, greater risk posed by similar celestial bodies."

Apparently it's no easy task to crash into an asteroid. DART mission systems engineer Elena Adams says they won't even be able to spot Dimorphos until an hour from impact. You can spot the asteroid at the same time as NASA during their live coverage. To be a part of NASA's epic plan to defend planet earth from any future attacks join them for the live broadcast Monday, Sept. 26 at 7:14 pm ET.

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