Shocking New Report: COVID Jabs Not Manufactured Properly; Carry Alarming Death Rate

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Note: A new investigation of the COVID-19 jabs found the drugs have a death rate up to 152 times higher than the flu vaccine. Worse yet, the drugs haven't been manufactured properly. Read on to learn why shot takers are scouring websites to find out if their shot "lot number" shows that their batch is one of the "hot lots."

But first, Liberty Counsel is defending the brave men and women of our military whom Joe Biden is still trying to force to take the jab, even after declaring the pandemic is over! Help us defend the men and women who have protected our freedom.

Kelly* got the shot on March 8, 2021. When she showed up at her base's medical clinic, she was a healthy, happy 28-year-old. Kelly is now blind, thanks to the bilateral uveitis (a form of eye inflammation) following the COVID jab. "My neuro-ophthalmologist and retina specialist told me they see patients all the time with eye problems after the vaccine," Kelly says.

Chuck* passed out after receiving his second dose in June 2021. He woke up, but his heart rate has never stabilized. Once a healthy man in charge of U.S. Navy nuclear reactors, Chuck is debilitated by constant bone-deep fatigue caused by a heart that no longer operates properly. This also means he now has a much-shortened life expectancy. "The risks associated with the contraction of COVID did not turn out to be worth the consequences I've experienced with the vaccine," Chuck says.

Jordan* received the jab on his military installation on June 8, 2021. Five days later, at 1 a.m., he complained of chest pain before heading to the barracks. His bunkmate found Jordan slumped over his bed seven hours later. Jordan can't describe his experience with the mandatory jab because he's no longer alive!

This is insane and heartbreaking. Help us defend the defenders of freedom and stop this madness.

Autopsy reports showed that Jordan's life was cut short by myocarditis, a side effect the military already knew was killing recruits. But they made Jordan take the drug anyway. The autopsy also showed the shots had caused massive "contraction band necrosis" (aka uncontrolled cell death) throughout Jordan's heart.

All the various COVID shots were rushed to market, skipping the seven to 10 years of safety testing required of any other such drug. A recent investigation of the COVID shots found the Pfizer jab had 40 times more deaths, Moderna had 81 times more deaths, and Janssen had 152 times more deaths than all influenza vaccinations given during a similar two-year period.

But it gets worse. The investigation found that not only were the shots not properly tested, but also the doses and formulations in each lot are not consistent. In other words, the shot one person gets may have an entirely different chemical composition than a shot from a different manufacturing lot produced by the same manufacturer.

The investigation found that the "lot-to-lot variability" of the COVID shots has been "unacceptably high" ... and is exceedingly dangerous, no matter who produced the shot. "These products still do not look like safe medicines produced in a high-quality environment," according to the report. The FDA has not done quality control and refuses to investigate.

The investigation further found that because of this "lot-to-lot variability," certain lot numbers of the same shots are more deadly than others. The investigators noted "unusual and alarming data patterns in the adverse event and deaths reporting from COVID vaccines associated with specific lot numbers."

In other words, sloppy manufacturing and supply line mismanagement is making the already lethal COVID shots even more lethal.

"These findings are easy to detect and obvious, yet no regulatory or public health agency has managed to 'detect' these signals to date," the investigators concluded. "This willful inaction speaks louder than any numbers do."|

One bright piece of news from the study: Fewer adverse events from the COVID shots are being reported. But that's not because the drugs are any safer. The investigators simply noted that Americans "wizened up and began to reject these injections."

But there is one large and important segment of the population that hasn't been allowed to refuse the jabs, and that's the U.S. military.

For nearly a year, Liberty Counsel has been defending armed forces members from Joe Biden's illegal shot mandates. These mandates are not only unlawful, but science is also proving them to be very dangerous.

So far, class certification and preliminary injunctions protect religious exemption requesters in the Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Marines. We expect to secure class certification and preliminary injunctions protecting the Coast Guard and Army soldiers like Jordan in the very near future. I will update you as I can. But even with these injunctions, Biden's Department of Defense (DOD) continues to pressure service members to get the shots.

Finally, please pray for all our military plaintiffs and especially those service members already injured by Joe's jabs.

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