Satan Rebuilds Segregation After God Tore It Down


On May 17, 1954, the evil that was segregation officially came to an end in the United States.

This does not mean the battle was over, or that racism and bigotry had also been legislated out of the country. Satan does all he can to ensure racial hatred and animosity carries on in every corner of the earth. But on May 17, God declared He was against all of these hateful beliefs that run contrary to His Word.

Now, in 2022, twisted ideologues are openly trying to segregate people, frequently students of all ages. When the devil develops a good strategy at tearing people apart, he does not let go of it easily.

A fourth-grade teacher at William Penn Elementary outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, is trying to divide her students by race. The teacher is intentionally not representing any white children in her classroom. Diversity, like all things in society, can be weaponized by those with an agenda.

With the 560 students at William Penn Elementary being 85% white, she knows exactly what she is doing, and it is not to expose children innocently to different cultures. It is to isolate them for the color of their skin.

Upon learning of this teacher's actions, the school principal launched an investigation, saying it is, "inappropriate for any employee to make students feel unwelcome in any way, shape or form."

Learning about different ethnicities, cultures and races is a pillar of a good education, and there is great benefit to representing children of different races and cultures. But this is a deceptive tool used by the enemy to wrap "inclusion and diversity" in a sinister blanket of guilt, judgement, discrimination and the old hatred that fueled segregation in earlier years of U.S. history.

Utah is not the only place this renewed attempt at segregation is occurring either. Recently, an off-campus co-op that houses UC Berkeley students banned white people from using the common spaces of the house. Their reasoning? To avoid "white violence and presence." They also require students who have guests to announce it in the Guest Chat, and to make mention if they are white.

Let's not forget the recent endorsement that Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, gave the Minneapolis school district's policy of laying off white teachers first, instead of a seniority-based policy. The announcement garnered outrage, and rightfully so.

These few examples are only the tip of the iceberg that Satan wants to use to drive a wedge further between God's people.

There is a song written long ago called "Jesus Loves the Little Children," and within that song are the lyrics:

"Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in His sight

Jesus loves the little children of the world."

Jesus did not stop loving those children once they became adults. He continued to love them and hoped they would love Him in return. He does not want them hating one another for any reason, much less the color of their skin.

James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media.

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