Morris and Theresa Cerullo speak at a Night of Blessing in Houston.
Morris and Theresa Cerullo speak at a Night of Blessing in Houston. (Greg Mauro)

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As Morris and Theresa Cerullo watched the devastating news of Hurricane Harvey unfold—with over 1 million displaced from their homes—their hearts were deeply moved.

Morris and Theresa, who recently celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary, and Morris' 71st anniversary of ministry and his 85th birthday, said, "This is not a time for us to stand by—we need to somehow let these people know we care!"  

As a result, Morris Cerullo Ministries partnered with scores of Houston churches and ministries in hosting a Night of Blessing for over 300 displaced by Hurricane Harvey on Friday night, Sept. 15, at The Worship Center Church in Houston, Texas.

The 300 in attendance—representing 65 families—many who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey—who were brought to the Night of Blessing by dear pastor and ministry friends from across Houston—experienced:

  • A great dinner in their honor (wonderfully hosted by Pastor Rusty Greer and The Worship Center Church),
  • Prayer
  • Encouragement
  • Direct financial gifts from MCWE totaling $50,000
  • A special message of hope from Dr. Doug Stringer, founder and president of Turning Point Ministries/Somebody Cares America
  • A warm, heartfelt message and prayer from Morris and Theresa (by video)
  • Toys for all the children present, 136 brand new Sealy mattresses (valued at more than $400 each), sheets/pillows provided by the Goodness Project
  • Food/water, including a 50-foot trailer of supplies from Siler City, North Carolina, where concerned Americans from seven counties in North Carolina donated a trailer packed to the top with every kind of supply imaginable. Special thanks to Mayor John Grimes for including three skids of water on behalf of the people of Siler City, North Carolina.

Scores of churches united together in bringing those that had been most affected from their congregation and areas to the Houston Night of Blessing, including pastor J.R. Rodriguez, Assembly of God executive presbyter overseeing more than 100 churches and 200 pastors; pastor Hernan Castaño, senior pastor of Rios De Aceite; Alice and Eddie Smith, U.S. Prayer Center; E. Daniel Ponce, United With Christ Ministries; Magda and Jose Hermida, Magda Hermida Ministries; David Garcia, President of Houston's Confederation of Hispanic Pastors; and many others.

Pastor Jorge Gamboa
Senior Pastor, Centro de Restauración Familiar Libres en Cristo:

God manifests His love through people. We just want to thank Bro. Cerullo and Theresa for this effort, and the partners and everyone involved in this Houston Night of Blessing. We plant seeds of love into people. This seed of love will go forward, and touch more lives. We will always look back and say, "Morris Cerullo Ministries and the pastors of Houston got together and helped me get back on my feet." The mayor of Houston is quoted as saying that in order for Houston to be put back together, 80 percent of the responsibility has fallen on the churches. This is amazing—when the kingdom of God has that much influence. Thank you Morris, Theresa, the partners and Pastor Rusty for your love, for the meal, for the gifts and all the attention. You have helped us feel like kings. We say thank you!

Pastor Hernan Castano:
Senior Pastor, Rios De Aceite:

Mama, Papa—we love you both. On behalf of the people of our city, on behalf of the church of Jesus in the city of Houston and all the great leaders that serve in this city we want to say thank you. Translating for you has been the greatest blessing in my life. I have known your heart and thank you, because this says much about your heart and Mama. Not just to take people to heaven but to help people on earth, showing the love of heaven to them. Thank you—we love you, Mama and Papa!

Doug Stringer:
Founder and President, Turning Point Ministries/Somebody Cares America:

Morris and Theresa, words cannot adequately express our gratitude and appreciation for what you have done sacrificially to those who have been affected here in Houston and beyond. Your love, your consistency for souls all over the world, but also reflected tangibly right here. Only eternity will expose, and Jesus knows, all that you've done to love us, pray for us, cry with us. I want to say how grateful I am to you personally for the example you've been for all these decades of ministry and faithfulness of leadership and your life example to all of us. God bless you, thank you—on behalf of all of us in Houston and beyond. Thank you in Jesus' name.

Pastor J.R. Rodriguez:
Assembly of God executive presbyter, oversees 100 churches and 200 pastors:

Dr. Cerullo and Theresa, thank you so much for your love and compassion for our great city and the surrounding areas of Houston. There are no words really to express thanks for all that we've received. We are so grateful to you. We pray that God will give you many more years of strength and health and special anointing for you and Theresa, and also the pastors who never stop loving the hurting and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ so the lost can come to Jesus. Thank you so much from Houston. We love you! God bless you!

Pastor Rusty Greer:
Senior Pastor, The Worship Center:

Dr. Cerullo and Theresa, thank you so much from the heart of The Worship Center. We just want to say how grateful we are for everything that you have done for us. Not only did you reach your heart out to us, you reached the hand of blessing out to us. You took the project, The Legacy Center, that is so dear to your heart, and you pushed the pause button on it to help us here tonight. So the Worship Center is grateful, the city of Houston is grateful and we are better tonight because of what you've done for us. So God bless you and thank you so much!

Alice and Eddie Smith

US Prayer Center

The MCWE Hurricane Harvey Relief Banquet in Houston on Sept 15, 2017, was such a tremendous blessing to so many hurting Houstonians.

One amazing God-moment that night was when two ladies and their children were driving by the church and saw all the stacks of water, food, diapers and mattresses sitting outside. The ladies had no idea what was going on but decided to stop and ask for water. Shay, the daughter, and Sherry, the mother, had been robbed at gunpoint the night before, so on top of their flooded homes, they lost all their extra cash. These two women were wounded and hurting.

Your vice president of ministries, Greg Mauro, saw them outside and after inquiring, he welcomed them to come sit at my table. Everything about the evening was remarkable. As I sat there, I sensed the Lord prompting me to ask the women to join our group at the front as I prayed for the flood recipients, then passed out a generous love offering from Morris and Theresa.

We were ushered outside where there were mountains of great mattresses, sheets and pillows. As God would have it, one of my "grandmotherly" flood victims asked the women if they had bedding. They said no. All of the family, including five children, were in a two-bedroom apartment with no furniture, no flood insurance, no bedding and barely any food. It was a revival time in the church parking lot as we prayed for these women, and Karen Spencer delivered over to the women the mattresses they were to receive. Shay and Sherry were crying so hard, none of us could understand what they were saying in thoughts of gratitude.

As if that [were not] heaven enough, a breakthrough also came when the Spencers' gay son and partner reservedly came to the banquet, not sure what to expect. But by the end of the evening, they too were assisting others with loading their mattresses and pillows, patting people on the back, hugging them as comfort. Eddie and I absolutely experienced joy as we saw the body of Christ reach out and encourage these men who had arrived that evening with skepticism and doubt. So much more to say, but the space is limited to share it. Glory to God!

I just got off the phone with one family that Dr. Cerullo's gift greatly affected. He just told me that he was able to pay bills because of the generosity of MCWE! The flood recipient, Steven Burke, told me about the night, "When we watched the video of Dr. and Mrs. Cerullo, I could feel the love of God pouring through them. And the stories Greg shared about his ministry amazed me!"

The profound impact we witnessed as a result of the generous gifts from Morris, Theresa, Greg, Jeri and all the partners of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism will forever change the lives of those who experienced the love of God in a tangible way.

Alfredo and Elvia Blake:

For me, this night has been a "Night of Hope." When we suffered through the flood, there were no answers—we could only watch. But our hearts trusted in the Lord, knowing He would watch over us. A thousand thank you's to Pastor Morris and his team, there are no words that can express the gratitude. God gave me a word from Song of Solomon 8:7, "Many waters cannot quench my love, rivers cannot overflow it."  God bless you!

Monica Acuña:

My house was 75 percent destroyed—we have to start new, but I am so happy for the help that I have received at the Morris Cerullo Houston Night of Blessing. God put it on your hearts to do this; thank you with all of my heart, God bless you!

Lorenzo and Rosa Martinez:

The day of the hurricane our house was flooded—beds, furniture and more. Now they are making us move out completely. Thank God, we have found a place to live, but we were needing bedding and other basics necessities which we received tonight. Thank You Morris and Theresa, the partners, Pastor Rusty and The Worship Center Church!  God Bless you!

Ricarda Aguirre:

I want to thank God that I was invited to the Morris Cerullo Houston Night of Blessing. Some time ago, my house was damaged during Hurricane Ike and now more damages from Hurricane Harvey. I'm a single mom with three kids; I am thankful for Morris and Theresa and the partners of MCWE for their generous hearts, for these donations that they have given and thanks to God for this blessing. May God bless you always and prosper you in all ways. Thank you.

Kady Velasquez:

I'm a single mom with kids—and my house is old—from 1973—and during the hurricane we got water damage and problems with the air conditioning. I tried to do repairs but am on disability and my budget would not cover the cost. We lost furniture, sheet rock, but thanks to God—this has been a blessing for me and my family [sic] to receive these gifts from you all. My kids and I are so thankful. God bless you, Morris and Theresa.

Roberto Roa:

Well, I lost everything: sheetrock, beds, clothes, couches. ... But we are alive and thank God, we are moving forward!  Thank you form the bottom of my heart for this Morris Cerullo Houston Night of Blessing!

Iran and Igris Garcia:

We thank God because even though we lost all of our material belongings, God has protected our lives and our health. Tonight, we feel super-blessed! Thank you for the goodness and good will of Morris and Theresa and your whole team and also to all the workers and co-laborers who made possible all these blessings that we have received tonight. May God continue using this great ministry, a thousand blessings and may God grant you many more years as you bless His people. Again, thank you!

Noe and Carmen Gonzalez:

My wife and I feel so happy for the invitation to this dinner. Thank you to my Brother Morris and Theresa. God will bring the blessings back to you. We heard the word of God tonight and know that the Lord is with us. Material goods can be replaced. Thank you to God for men of God in this land that have compassion on others. God bless you, till in heaven we meet, Noe.

Francisco Mohedano:

I give thanks to God for this new beginning, and to you all for allowing Him to use you!

Roberto and Gloria Gonzalez:

We are very grateful to the ministry of Morris Cerullo. May God continue to bless you for this event, and also the pastors and all involved.

Guillermo and Tomasa Rivera:

Our challenge is that in 27 years, we had never experienced flooding like this. We lost so much, and it was hard to see the looks on the faces of my family members, but we claimed the promises of God and this Night of Blessing helps us to know that God will always watch out for His children. This is the first time for us to receive such a gift and blessing such as you have given us!

Pastor Ruth Hernandez:

It has been a very difficult time with no rest—trying to repair all the damage at the house and trying to repair the cars—but we have the Lord, and He will never abandon us. This Morris Cerullo Houston Night of Blessing has been a night for us to rest. We are so grateful for people like you, and all who have made it possible. God bless you!

Castañeda Family:

Thank you for helping our family in our time of need. We will never forget what you have done for our family. God bless!

Antonio Ruiz:

I've lost everything, had four feet of water in my home and won't qualify for help, so I am so very grateful for your help.

Wendy Cuadra and family:

First of all, from the deepest part of our hearts, we want to thank God and you all. May the Lord open the windows of heaven over you and your ministry and continue using you greatly. May God always have angels surrounding you. We thank God that He never gives us more than we can bear and He will never leave us.

Juana Gracia:

Bro. Cerullo I am so grateful to God and to you for demonstrating your love for the people of Houston. This is the first time I've ever received beautiful gifts like this as you have provided. It is the nicest gift that anyone could have given me. Much love and blessings to Bro. Cerullo, dear servant of God.

Pastor Roberto Gonzalez—Iglesia Nazareth:

Thank you for what you have done for my family and for me, you are angels that God has sent to bring blessing. There are no words to say. What you have done for us—hope, faith, love ... Thank you for showing the great love of God. You will always be in our prayers.

Abelina DelaCruz:

First, many thanks to you!  This storm destroyed part of our roof, and we only have one room where we can stay. But we know that your blessing is such a great help. May God continue blessing your ministry for many years to come, and may Jesus continue to open doors for you. We know that the Word says it is more blessed to give than receive, and even though we have never even met, these blessings reach the deepest part of our heart.

Maria Zavala:

These events have caused me to reflect much on how great God is in my life. I was worried about how we were going to make it, but God has been with us every moment. This Morris Cerullo Houston Night of Blessing has been a great blessing. Thank you for everything; God bless you. This is such a help for us, and we thank God for people like you.

Nely Ospina:

For me and my children this has been so difficult. We lost everything and have been sleeping on the floor, often with no food. But my faith in God has stayed firm, and I continue to believe that He is all-powerful and will never leave us. He continues to be the most important thing in my life even though we lost all material goods. Thank you for this great support that you have brought us tonight here in Houston during this Night of Blessing. Morris and Theresa, you will always be in my prayers, and may He pay you back in a great manner.

Sandra Canopozos:

We lost everything, nothing is left; we are as homeless but thank God we can stay with my parents for a while. FEMA denied us help because the house where I lived was not mine and there is no way to return there. Words fail to convey the sadness and pain. We lost all but are very thankful to God because He give strength and hope each day. I have had opportunity to talk to my kids about the goodness and mercy of God. We lost all but are together as a family, and Jesus will give us strength to face what is ahead. ... But the great sacrifice that was prepared tonight at the Night of Blessing by you all for my kids—a thousand thank you's and blessings. Words cannot express our gratitude. Morris and Theresa, God richly bless you always!  

Maria Hernandez:

Thank you so much for this Night of Blessing. I suffered great material loss, but my family and I have life, thanks to God and that is most important. Thank you, Morris and Theresa, and to all who organized this Night of Blessing!

Paulina Velaszuez:

Although we lost so much, we are thankful to God for life. May the Lord bless you for thinking of the people of God and helping to bring assistance. Thank you!.

Maria Merlan

The water rose so much that we had to evacuate—me, my daughter and her 18-month-old son. She is also pregnant, and my other daughter was with us as well. It was so sad to see, but thank God to our pastors and to Morris and Theresa and all that made this possible for so many families tonight. God bless you all!

Lucy Rivera:

I feel so loved and blessed. Thank you so much!

Sylvia Rippenger:

First I would like to say thank you, Morris and Theresa, so so much!  I'm a senior who lives alone—me and my dog Shawana. There are not enough words to say Thank you and God bless you and everyone who helped put this Houston Night of Blessing together!

Alfredo Gomes and Ashlee Castano:

We lost everything from our home to most of our clothes. It's me and my wife and our two children. But what we lost wasn't just furniture, clothes; it was memories, laughs, beautiful memories that clothes and furniture took. We lost a lot but one thing we did not lose is our faith in our Lord. At times me and my wife cried where our children could not see us. But we also prayed for help. We asked for a better day, and I am so glad that our prayers were heard. Morris and Theresa, I thank you for this Night of Blessing. Things lost: clothes, furniture, books, food, appliances, memories. Not lost: hope, love, our God Almighty. Thank you again from me and my family.

Normina Luzer:

This Morris Cerullo Houston Night of Blessing means a lot to us. God is good. We lost everything to the hurricane. You've answered so many of our prayers at once. God bless y'all. Thanks so much!

Raquel Melendez:

I feel blessed that you are helping us during this time. I never expected to be in this situation and have been a single mother of two teens for 15 years. Morris and Theresa, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Lily DaSilva:

Our home was flooded. We are so grateful for this Morris Cerullo Night of Blessing because we see so much love poured out to families such as ourselves. May God continue to use you to bring blessing and unity to the body of Christ!

Valdez Family:

This Night of Blessing has been a time to see God's hand move in our lives after all the devastation in our lives. We have had to experience so much and still are going to have a long road to recovery, but we trust in the Lord for all He is doing. Thank you, Morris and Theresa, and the pastors of Houston who have shown us much love. We feel comfort and peace. Thank you for everything. May the Lord bless all that had a part in this. Blessings!

Kevin and Jeri Austin:

Our home sat in three feet of contaminated floodwater for seven days. We found that what the flood had not claimed, the mold was taking over. We lost our home and office, three vehicles and all our worldly possessions. Throughout this entire catastrophe we have been shocked, taken aback, amazed and humbled at the outpouring of love from our community and complete strangers. The miracles are coming from every direction. Thank you, Morris and Theresa for the Houston Night of Blessing. God's love and faithfulness are constant and right on time. The outpouring of love from you and all involved has been a healing balm to our wounded spirits. Thank You!

Esmerelda Diaz:

We have had a difficult time trying to restore our home. We have been struggling with the insurance company and other organizations that won't help us, but this Morris Cerullo Night of Blessing has brought so much peace and joy to my children. This night has been an example to them that there are people out there like you that God sends to help his children. This help means a lot to me as a mother to make sure my kids are all OK and have what they need. I thank you for everything you all have done for my family. You have restored my faith in mankind and in God. I realized to never lose faith—God always comes through—He will never leave his children. God Bless y'all. Thank You!

Dorothy Jones:

Morris and Theresa, I am overwhelmed over all the blessings God has sent my way. Unthinkable, all I can say is thank you always; thank you.

Ernesto and Stephanie Lopez:

As me and my family are going through this slow process, we are grateful and praise God for ministries like you that are willing to answer God's calling to serve. Not being able to enjoy our home that we just bought 1 year ago—there have been tears, but through it all, we trust in God. Thank You Morris and Theresa and all that made this Houston Night of Blessing possible for us!

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