History is behind us and the future is before us! We stand at this moment in time as we have many times before in history, crying out "Mercy! Lord, have mercy on us and on our nation!"

This past November, for the first time since the early beginnings of our nation, record numbers of God-fearing men and women registered and exercised their right to vote, ushering in the election of our 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. It was an ugly, bitter and unprecedented campaign causing many restless, sleepless nights and hours in prayer. There was urgency in the hearts of many people as we were witnessing a takeover of our nation, with the intent of globalizing and undermining the freedoms that have been fought and died for. The American church, long called "the sleeping giant," was awakening to the realization that our courts were being liberalized, our Constitution was being redefined and ignored before our very eyes, and there seemed nothing we could do to stop it.

A sense of desperation permeated the land. Some threw themselves into politics, others stockpiled ammunition and food, many more expressed themselves on social media, and tens of thousands voted, but in the flurry of desperate action and determination one thing became common—prayer. Much was at stake, but millions went to their knees across the nation and around the world, praying for a miracle and asking for God's help.  Churches were praying, righteous voices throughout the land were calling for awakening and revival, other nations fasted and prayed for us, and there was a remnant that began to cry out for mercy.

The cry began feebly, but it began to gain momentum as God released dreams, visions and prophetic revelation confirming His desire: He wanted to give America mercy!  His Word once again reassured us, "He delights in showing mercy." People dreamed about mercy, others encountered angels declaring mercy, and everywhere burdened hearts asked for mercy. Shortly before the election, God gave a vision that became the fuel for the prayer surge leading up to Election Day. It was a vision of coins raining down from heaven and across each one was the word "Mercy." However, the vision concluded with these words: "Mercy is our new currency." Out of the turmoil and chaos building in our nation, God saw fit to release the understanding that we were to begin operating under a different economy and a different way of thinking. The old currency was giving way to a new medium of exchange, Old Glory was being traded for New Glory, and mercy would triumph over judgment! As millions lifted their voices asking for mercy, God responded and gave us, and our nation, a window of mercy.

Several thousand Christian leaders gathered at the Christian Inaugural Gala in January to "Celebrate God's Mercy," artwork was created to picture the mercy that we received, and now a coin has been minted to commemorate what God is extending to us all.  The Mercy Coin is a prophetic decree that God's mercy triumphs over judgment and He is calling this great nation out of darkness and into His marvelous light.  The Mercy Coin is a battle cry, as daily we cry out for mercy—for our president, for our leaders, over our citizens, and over the United States of America. Join us today, lift your voice and declare a continued outpouring of God's mercy as we each purchase a remembrance piece, a tangible reminder and a powerful focal point that commemorates what God has done and will continue to do for our nation as mercy continues to be our battle cry!

To purchase your own Mercy Coin, click here. Or visit mercycoin.com for more information.

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