The Radical Left Has Awakened a ‘Sleeping Mama Bear’

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What some are calling a Moms Rising Movement is in full swing—thousands of mothers across America who are mobilizing communities, home by home, to preserve liberty for their children and grandchildren.

“From school boards to state legislatures and to Washington, D.C., moms are making their presence felt in ways we hadn’t seen before,” said Kimberly Fletcher, founder and president of Moms for America.

“The people trying to tear down America and replace it with a godless, socialist system have been served notice: We’re here, we’re moms and we’re not going away,” continues Fletcher. “You’ve awakened a sleeping Mama Bear.”

Founded in Dayton, Ohio, in 2004, Moms for America is one of the fastest growing movements of women in America, giving voice and value to the silent majority of American women who love God, respect life, treasure family and cherish freedom.

“Our schools have become a very dangerous place for our children, … reduced to a propaganda breeding ground where our children are taught they are either oppressed or the oppressors,” Fletcher wrote in a recent NewsMax column. “And that is the very reason parents—of all color—are standing up against this nonsense threatening our children.”

Fletcher noted that many examples of moms standing up to public officials are being circulated on social media. One video of an outraged mother in Carmel, New York, lecturing school board members over critical race theory has gone viral.

In Loudoun County, Virginia, moms are helping circulate petitions to recall school board members over critical race theory, explicit sex education and mandates to adopt the radical transgender agenda’s insistence that teachers refer to little boys as girls and vice versa.

One mom, who lived through the Chinese Communist Party’s Cultural Revolution, told the board this past week that she saw the same dangerous trends in America.

“To me, and to a lot of Chinese, it is heartbreaking that we escaped communism and now we experience communism here,” she said. “The communist regime used the same critical theory to divide people. The only difference is they used class instead of race.”

“These parents have had it,” Fletcher said. “And they’re doing something about it. Moms for America can help moms go from being hopeless, helpless and angry to empowered, engaged and effective.”

Moms across America are also standing up against unconstitutional vaccine and mask mandates, and against efforts to make voter fraud easier by weakening election integrity measures such as voter ID laws.

As part of its mission, Moms for America produces a podcast with nationally recognized leaders and an interactive, digital MomLinks Magazine. The organization now hosts cottage meetings in homes and online during the summer.

Accolades have poured in from all over America:

“I just participated in your virtual cottage meeting. I cannot tell you how excited I am to have found Moms for America. It is exactly what I needed. I know God led me to all of you,” said Kelli from Michigan.

“It is reassuring in this day and age that there’s an organization such as Moms for America, to maintain and encourage the principles of our founders: patriotism, civility, dedication to truth, valuing the individual … all principles from their inspiration—the Bible, from whence came our triumvirate system of government,” said Candy Carson, wife of Dr. Ben Carson.

“You were such a breath of fresh air on Martha MacCallum [on Fox News]. Thank you for standing up for men. My wife and I think the world of you. God bless,” said Mike M.

Fletcher promises much more activism this coming year.

“Moms are realizing this is a war for the hearts and minds of our children but those trying to harm our children underestimated the powerful force of mothers defending their young,” she wrote in the NewsMax column. “Mama Bears have been poked and Marxist teachers unions and government overlords have no idea what they’re in for. This is just the beginning.” {eoa}

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