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With The Liberal Media in Denial, These Are 5 Reasons Americans Voted for Change

President-elect Donald Trump
There are five reasons Americans voted for change, and for President-elect Donald Trump, that the liberal mainstream media, political elite and the Left just can't comprehend. (Reuters photo)

Even as President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence and the Presidential Transition Team continued to build and administration to "Make America Great Again," the liberal mainstream media, the political establishment class and the Left in general remain in denial.

With the inauguration now just 45 days away, Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, hopes to explain what happened back on Nov. 8 that they seemingly remain ill-equipped to understand. In an op-ed for LifeZette, he wrote there were several elements that contributed to the tearing down of the "Blue Wall," the rejection of the philosophy of globalism and the obliteration of the elite Establishment.

"There were certainly a few motivating factors that allowed folks in the quiet of the voting booth to so consistently choose as they did," he wrote. They were:

  1. Natural law hasn't changed.
    Most people of faith have an external set of principles for making judgments when it comes to matters of truth and morality.
  2. The God-given rights and dignity of humans has not changed.
    We have collectively hit our tipping point in tolerance of those who we see as wanting to tear down the nation our grandparents and parents fought and died for so that we may live free.
  3. Basic man hasn't changed.
    The basic nature of man has not changed over the thousands of years of recorded history. And we understand the importance of recognizing the unchanging rights and the God-given freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.
  4. America's strength comes from law and order.
    The Nazis, the Red Russians, Chinese, Koreans and others launched their creation of godless, humanistic, brutal and freedom-less societies by trashing the social order, taking over medical care and then seizing large parts of national economies.
  5. We were lied to, we were threatened and we were bullied.
    Since the end of World War II, there have been political "leaders" who looked at citizens as animals produced by evolution and placed on the earth to be used, abused and destroyed by them in a quest for power, when God placed them on this earth to make it into a better place for all of God's creation.

"America is our nation," he wrote. "It was blessed by God and created by our collective work, sweat and blood. It's not owned by the elites or the globalists or the people who flood across our borders to plunder, pillage and loot. Because of God's abundant blessings on our nation, our people have always been generous to the whole world, even sometimes to our own detriment.

"Yes, all our people are flawed. A depraved nature and sin does that. But God's plan of redemption is what can transform lives through repentance, forgiveness and salvation.

"We saw at the top of one ticket a person who admitted failures but also pledged to uphold the founders' wishes. We saw on the other ticket a selfish, pathological liar who wanted power more than anything and to obey her own direction rather than submitting to what God and the founders said we should do.

"And we chose what we thought would be the party to lead us back to the foundations and into the future. It was a leap of faith and a step toward principles that have always brought out the best in Americans—humility, repentance, truth, compassion, hard work and personal faith. And we voted."

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