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What the Dallas Mayor Has in Common With Old Soviet Union Leaders

Robert Jeffress' Dallas First Baptist Church purchased a billboard that simply read, "America is a Christian Nation."
Robert Jeffress' Dallas First Baptist Church purchased a billboard that simply read, "America is a Christian Nation." (Robert Jeffress/Facebook)

"To destroy a people you must sever their roots," wrote Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian laureate who spent eight years in a Soviet labor camp for his opposition to the Marxist system. He made this statement in regard to the Soviets' attempt to sever the Russian people from their history, including their Christian history.

Severing a people from their past is important for any totalitarian regime, for as George Orwell said, "Whoever controls the past controls the future."

The Dallas mayor just demonstrated that he wants to sever America from its Christian past. He did this by leading a successful campaign to force the removal of a billboard ad purchased by the Dallas First Baptist Church that simply read, "America is a Christian Nation."

In spite of the mayor being "offended" by this statement, it is an undeniable fact of history that America was birthed in prayer and founded on Christian values and principles. I have documented this in my books on the subject that are available from Amazon ( and my website at

As we approach the 242nd birthday of this nation, let's take to the heart the warning Solzhenitsyn and not allow modern secularists to sever our national roots.

Dr. Eddie Hyatt is an author, Bible teacher and revivalist. His books on America's Christian origins out of a Great Awakening are available from Amazon and his website at

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