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Secularism's War Against Christianity Exposed in NPR Report

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The battle between secularism and Christianity in American culture was the topic of a David Lane commentary that was recently referenced in an NPR report. (File Image)

Tom Gjelten, journalist for National Public Radio produced a story titled, "Unbelief As A Belief System: Core Tenet For Christians' Fight For Religious Rights." 

Quoting me on the religious nature of secularism, Gjelten wrote:

Christian conservatives who are battling for the right to promote their faith in public or official settings see themselves locked in an epic contest with a rival religion. But that rival isn't Islam. It's secularism. "Secularism and Christianity are distinct, immutable religions," writes David Lane, founder of the American Renewal Project, a group he organized to promote more political participation by conservative pastors. "Secularism advances the fundamental goodness of human nature, where historic Christianity sets forth a pessimistic view of human nature."

"The notion that secularism can be seen as a religion is ridiculed by many nonreligious people, but Lane and other Christian conservatives have their own Supreme Court hero to back them up: the late Justice Potter Stewart, who served on the court from 1958 to 1981.

Gjelten then quotes a secular atheist professor, Phil Zuckerman of Pitzer College in California, who disagrees, saying, "To me, what makes religion is the supernatural beliefs."

Secularism and Christianity are distinct, immutable religions. Secularism believes in the fundamental goodness of man (human nature has a bent toward good). But historic Christianity is much more pessimistic about human nature, with its doctrine of original sin teaching that human reasoning is deeply flawed, inclined to evil, imperfect in knowledge, and consumed by an inborn tendency to sin. Secularism has taken hostage America's Judeo Christian heritage and Biblical-based culture over the last century.

Ok, so now what? As I've previously written, "Fate is not what led Germany to their Holocaust from 1933-1945, but the inevitable consequence of failing to confront pagan ideology in the public square." As Stanton Evans writes, 'When religious value is denied in the realm of spirit, but reasserted in the secular order, dominion of every facet of life converges in a single center; the political regime becomes both the church and state and claims authority over faith and conscience.'" 

Where Has Secularism Led?

 - 55 million babies murdered in their mother's womb

- Same-sex marriage imposed by judicial tyranny

- The Constitution shredded by secularist elites - Red ink as far as the eye can see - The exaltation and normalization of Homosexuality

- The Pledge of Allegiance forbidden - The moral collapse of the Boy Scouts of America - Christmas carols banned - The Ten Commandments stripped from public schools and federal buildings - America is drenched with porn

Germany—the land that birthed the Protestant Reformation through the courage of men like Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon—began to concoct its own religion a generation or two prior to the rise of Adolph Hitler. Much like America today, German religious and secular loyalties were demanded by the state. The National Reich church dictated, "On the altar there must be nothing but Mein Kampf ..."

Dr. Friedrich Werner, a "German Christian," and president of Evangelical Oberkirchenrat, proposed "an appropriate gesture for Hitler's birthday (April 20) would be for all pastors to swear an oath of loyalty to their Führer. Those who refused would be dismissed from their pastorates. This requirement asked for more than love of country; it demanded personal alliance to an earthly ruler. The wording, 'I swear that I will be faithful and obedient to Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the German Reich and German people, and will observe the laws and will conscientiously fulfill my official duties, so help me God.'"

The Third Reich had begun.

The refusal by a nation to be instructed and led by God brings one estrangement from Him, "and that estrangement is an estrangement from life that must be corrected at once" if disaster is to be avoided. As long as secularists usurp ultimate rule of America, "there is impotence, unrighteousness and dependence upon the forces which would destroy us. It is only when we come to the end of ourselves and acknowledge God's right to rule our lives that we can experience the divine empowerment for righteousness."

"The Red Sea looked at this and ran away. The Jordan River turned back" (Psalm 114:3) points to the good news. America is coming to a glorious day when, by a stupendous miracle, the God of Heaven and Earth will demonstrate His ability to remove every obstacle in the way of a spiritual resurrection, a restoring of America to her Judeo-Christian heritage by reestablishing a Biblical-based culture.

God will subdue every enemy; we simply must find a Gideon or Rahab willing to stand.

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