Fervent Intercession, Repentance Mark Pastor Carter Conlon’s Prayer Meeting

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Last night, people of all walks of life gathered in person and online to pray for and intercede on behalf of the United States in a national and worldwide prayer meeting live from Plymouth, Massachusetts. Intercessors cried out to God in repentance for evil acts and the ways the nation has fallen away from Him.

Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church returned to the site of the house in which it is believed the first Pilgrims sought refuge from the harsh winter and cried out to God for provision and hope. In this historic location, Conlon shared the Times Square Church Worldwide Prayer Meeting with the world via livestream.

The evening’s solemn purpose revealed itself through Conlon’s heartfelt question: “What have we done with the 400 years of freedom God has given us?”

Prayers went up on behalf of the greatest of America’s sins, including:

— Not seeking peace with the Native Americans who first inhabited our nation.

— Slavery: Pastor Conlon said there is “no greater tragedy” than this.

— Sexual immorality.

— Abortion.

Prominent leaders as well as members of the community, including high school students, law enforcement and state officials, gathered to pray together, with many joining via video-call such as Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, bestselling author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Global Strategic Alliance Board President Kevin Jessip.

Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann proclaimed, “We renew the American covenant [with God].” She prayed that from this time of intercession, “we would have a new birth of freedom.”

Tony Perkins confessed, “We have turned away from our first love,” noting that this worldwide prayer event reminds Americans not to squander the time that remains. Instead, Perkins said, we must return to the one who can liberate the nation’s soul and call us back to the biblical foundation set forth by our Founding Fathers. {eoa}

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