Rodney Howard-Browne: ‘What We Have Seen Is a Coup d’Etat’

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First, election corruption. Then, using President Donald J. Trump as the scapegoat. Now, Democrats are urging the vice president to remove him from office using the Constitution’s 25th Amendment.

Rodney Howard-Browne, pastor of The River in Tampa, Florida, spoke with Charisma Media CEO Stephen Strang Thursday of the unfolding events impacting the nation’s leadership and legislative trajectory. He considers many of America’s lawmakers “puppets of a globalist system that’s going to take down America.”

“First of all, this is a communist takeover of America, whether people realize that or not,” Howard-Browne says. “If you think the problem in Washington is Republican or Democrat, then you’re on the wrong side, and you don’t even know what’s happening.

“This is all controlled. And it has been for many, many years,” Howard-Browne says. “Trump is a wrecking ball to the whole system. Trump’s actually not a Republican or a Democrat. He’s a populist, and the people love him because he talks straight up, and he doesn’t mince words.”

Coming from South Africa, Howard-Browne has lived through government suppression. He says many Americans fail to understand the breadth and depth of the country’s move toward communism because they are listening to media reports and not doing their own research and seeking God on the issues.

“The devil went up to D.C. and found a country to steal,” he says, “and it looks like he’s succeeded.”

With the election stolen and the joint session of Congress certifying the electoral vote, plans for the takeover on Jan. 20 are playing out; however, it’s not over. Howard-Browne says the exposing of voter fraud and the election’s true outcome could extend even past the inauguration.

Washington, DC, Wednesday

While the world was watching, senators and representatives met to review the Electoral College votes. Americans outside the proceedings, in their frustration and awareness of a government that has become “tyrannical,” acted on their own.

“If these guys did go in to overthrow the government, they went in with flip-flops,” Howard-Browne says. “It wasn’t even planned. The president had nothing to do with it.”

He went on to say that through his study of the U.S. Constitution, he believes that, contrary to Vice President Mike Pence saying it constrains him, it really equipped him to stand for justice with the election.

As the world watched Wednesday, lawmakers committed high treason on national television, the pastor says. The people behind the coup “want America gone. They want the Second Amendment gone. They want every citizen to obey.”

Control Through a Virus

The takeover occurring in the country, according to Howard-Browne, is being done through the coronavirus. The medical area is one area where the president is less knowledgeable. He has been trusting the people around him for information, Howard-Browne says.

Medical professionals are now making and influencing key decisions impacting legislation that controls American lives and behavior in ways the country’s forefathers fought against.

“The people are indoctrinated,” Howard-Browne says, noting that what’s taking place today has been in a long-term plan for more than 100 years.

What’s Next

As the average person watches the events of the nation unfolding in the media, their eyes see a picture that’s being painted for them. Rather than be led and controlled by it, Howard-Browne encourages citizens to read the book of Acts daily to prepare for the spiritual outbreak that should really be captivating their time and energy.

“The coming year will be a year like the book of Acts for those who follow the Holy Ghost,” he says, speaking of miraculous and supernatural provision, protection and direction. “Every day will be directed by the Lord.

“I encourage everybody … go read the book of Acts. Believe God to see everything that God put in there,” he continues, referring to divine judgment that will come like heaven. He goes on with a pastoral plea for Christians to be filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit and walk in His power, which is how the country’s forefathers could tell who was real and who was not.

“I don’t believe that America is done,” Howard-Browne says. “I don’t believe that Trump’s done yet because there are still certain things he can do. He’s not finished. Just because they certify the electors, ladies and gentlemen, means nothing. He still has until midday Jan. 20. So it could get very interesting. {eoa}

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