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Lin Wood Invites Holy Spirit to Press Event: 'This Is 1776 in America Again'

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In a historic event in Atlanta, Georgia, almost entirely ignored by mainstream media, patriotic legal duo Lin Wood and Sidney Powell held a press conference Wednesday. Its purpose? To send a message to corrupt politicians, self-serving bureaucrats, communist China and the authoritarian-like, subversive forces trying to control and penalize average Americans. "It's 1776 in America again," Wood declared, "and you're not going to take our freedom."

With an air reminiscent of the American Revolution when born-again Christians led the charge to break away from the tyranny of the British government, Wood kicked off the press event at a park in Georgia with a bold prayer that was an open and explicit invitation for the Holy Spirit to have His way in the room of supporters chanting, "USA. USA. USA."

"Almighty God, Father in heaven, Jesus Christ, our Savior, hallowed be Thy name," Wood prayed, invoking the Lord's prayer. Then he added, "Almighty God, You created this country. ... We pray that You protect America. We pray that You protect our freedom. Save our country. Save our president. Forgive us of our shortcomings, and forgive us of our sins. Holy Spirit, fill this room."

Wood and Powell have teamed up to fight against the election fraud they say took place in last month's election. They are intent on exposing the fraud and demanding election integrity.

Wood characterized it as "a battle between truth and lies." Because of the deception, the freedom of Americans is in danger of eroding. Possibly on the verge of a digital civil war, half the country has lost confidence in the veracity of the election results.

Only by exposing the lies can integrity be restored to elections and power be given back to the American people. Wood said he and Powell represent "We the People," which is how the U.S. Constitution describes the American people for whom the government is supposed to work.

"This election was a fraud on America. Donald Trump won a massive landslide victory, unparalleled in the history of this country," stated Wood, persuasively claiming that, "piles of evidence" exist to overturn the presidential election. "And he's going to stay in the White House because 'We the People' voted for him, and 'We the People' run the country. The country belongs to you and you and you. It belongs to the people."

Wood described the struggle to reveal the truth—amid so many lies that the mainstream media propagate—as "a battle between good and evil." He also described politicians' efforts to manipulate the election to remove President Trump as evil.

"Freedom-loving people are starved for truth and for freedom," Powell said.

Representing Americans who have no voice, Wood has continued to fight.

"'We the People' will not let them steal our vote," he said. "We will not allow them to steal our freedom. Every lie will be exposed."

Then, as if the Holy Spirit had downloaded a prophetic word to him, Wood launched into a faith-filled declaration, "And on Jan. 20, 2021, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as president of the United States of America."

The primary message Wood communicated at the Willis Park press conference was "We're going to fight for our liberty." He directed these words at the governor of Georgia, whom he insists should call a special session of the state legislature to fix the problems with the election. Wood also named China and George Soros in his address.

"We're not going to let you take our country over," shouted Wood into the microphone, adding that the message is going to go all the way to Beijing, China. "Never going to happen on our watch. This is America. You've picked a fight with the wrong people."

As chants of "USA. USA. USA." reverberated across the crowd, Wood declared with a fighter's tone, "We're going to send that message to George Soros. Get out of our country, George Soros."

Wood has made the case that many people in America don't know what really happened with the election or what continues to happen behind the scenes, aided by mainstream media.

"Everyone has been reading the media. Stop. It's a lie. Stick with OAN [One America News] and Newsmax. They tell you the truth," Wood insisted.

Thankful for Prayer Support

After Wood finished speaking, Powell spoke to the crowd about her views of the election fraud as the crowd chanted, "We love you. We love you. We love you."

She said in a tender moment, "I feel your prayers."

Prior to this epic fight to expose the fraud that illegitimately changed the outcome of the election from a Trump victory to a Biden victory, Powell was best known as Gen. Michael Flynn's lawyer. She talked about how people's prayers for her and her client helped get them through the tough times.

"Gen. Flynn and I, throughout the ordeal we have been through, have felt your prayers and the prayers of millions of people all across the country," said Powell. "[Through your prayers, you] have helped us face everything we have faced and have given us the strength to proceed every day to keep fighting for the truth."

Just hours later, Gen. Flynn joined a prayer call for America on Facebook with Eric Metaxas, host of The Eric Metaxas Show, and dozens of Christian leaders. Gen. Flynn prayed on the line. Next week, Powell is expected to join the weekly prayer call Metaxas publicizes to his email list.

No one can argue that Powell and Wood are sincere people of prayer. Interestingly, the role of prayer leading up to the Declaration of Independence in 1776 is reemerging in 2020 as a necessity to save the independence patriotic Americans cherish.

Once again, in a historically significant moment, avid Christians who have strong convictions, staunch faith and experiences with the Holy Spirit are amid and standing against the chaos and deceptions of the circumstances looking like Orwellian groupthink, reminiscent of author George Orwell's classic book 1984.

"Those American values—God, family, country—are values we must return to now," Powell said emphatically. "Now is the time for every patriot in this country to stand up, make their voice heard and be counted."

Backed by prayer and the invitation for the Holy Spirit to "fill the room," Wood and Powell will not be shaken.

A.B. Petrucci is a freelance writer.

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