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Dream Ignites 'We The People,' a 21-Day Pre-Election Fast

On the night Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, and our ministry school with Contend was having an all-night prayer meeting, I was shaken by a dream.

In the dream, I had somehow stumbled into a meeting between Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald J. Trump. When I walked into the room, both were on their hands and knees trying to plug in extension cables. I was thinking, Men in their positions shouldn't be the ones doing this. They should have help.

I offered to help, but Trump insisted he could and needed to do it.

The scene changed. I was walking with Pence, and he asked what I had been up to. I told him, "mobilizing the youth to pray for you." I also said something about how "We win battles you cannot win," as we passed young people who were on the fence about voting.

I sat down with Pence as Trump was on a platform to speak.

Then, it was as if Lou Engle (TheCall) were speaking on the platform. His voice thundered in the dream, "and this [Trump] is my William Wilberforce to end the slave trade of abortion." It was shocking because it was a politically incorrect statement in the context of this rally, but when I looked at Pence, it was as if he knew that it was the word of the Lord.

The three scenes in the dream are critical to how we understand and engage in these times.

In the first scene, Trump and Pence were on their hands and knees trying to plug in extension cables. This represents an extension on their leadership: their reelection this fall. However, in the dream, I had the sense that I needed to help by being on my hands and knees as well. In other words, the church must join in prayer for these two leaders. We must pray that Trump and Pence both see that prayer and God's breakthrough are the only answer.

In these past few days, I have been mulling over the second scene. The imperative was clear: "Mobilize young people to pray" to "win the battles that [political campaigns] cannot win."

In the dream, Pence and I walked past many young people who were on the fence about voting. I knew our united prayer and fasting would be the determining factor between whether or not they voted, and who they ultimately voted for.

The third scene speaks for itself—and speaks loudly. During the dream, there was a deep, sobering sense of revelation, as if it were a commission from heaven. Engle's voice thundered: "President Trump is my William Wilberforce to end the slave trade of abortion."

Above any controversy or confusion surrounding this man, this could be heaven's reason as to why Trump is in office. In the dream, I was shocked and even woke up startled by how brazen and yet how authoritative this statement was.

Even I squirmed at the implications. Thoughts and accusations were running through my mind: "separation of church and state," "how could this man even be compared to Wilberforce?" and "how can the church tolerate Trump?" But when I looked at Pence for his reaction, his sober understanding and receiving of the word instantly put my spirit at peace. This happened not because of my trust in these men, but I understood: If these two men comprehended their task, they would accomplish the purposes for which God raised them—to end the shedding of the innocent blood of the unborn in America.

These leaders need prayer.

While I have been vocal about the political process, the topic of President Trump—especially as we work primarily with young people—has been sensitive. Any political statements we have made were couched and contextualized for a generation which largely lacks grounding in our nation's political history or has been largely swayed by the media. Any serious Christian also has to admit that President Trump has real character deficiencies as well as unguarded and salty speech.

Without making excuses, however, the church needs to understand God's purposes in this hour. Without understanding, we too will be lost in the chaos and confusion. With the current climate leading up to the elections as well as the imperative in the following dream, we must be vocal and mobilize mass fasting and prayer, especially with and for the youth.

In response, we are launching a 21-day fast, from Monday, Oct. 12, to Sunday, Nov. 1, called "We the People." We are calling the people of God to take a stand as the government of God over the government of earth.

If President Trump is the Wilberforce of our times to end abortion, there needs to be an extension (a second term). We need to mobilize mass fasting and prayer.

Though there may be hesitancies or opposition regarding President Trump in the body of Christ—and at times rightly so— there comes a time where we must take our position with a humble posture. When we understand, we take our stand.

The time is now. Pray and vote.

Register for the fast Oct. 12-Nov. 1.

David and Audry Kim are the directors of Contend, a youth movement of prayer and fasting launched out of TheCall. For the past decade, they have dedicated their lives to mobilizing prayer and training young leaders. Their hearts are to see revival, reformation and missions in their generation.

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