We Are in a War With the 'Rule or Ruin' Radical Left

Women stand in silent protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court building after the U.S. Senate voted to confirm the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill.
Women stand in silent protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court building after the U.S. Senate voted to confirm the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

"I was in the Senate gallery when Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. You would have thought I was at an exorcism in an insane asylum." —J. Christian Adams

Adams was not just using figurative language. That scene was reality. The progressive liberal agenda has received a deadly blow, and bloodthirsty demons are screaming through humans they dominate.

Beginning with the election of President Trump, we are all perhaps witnessing one of the historic turning points in American history. If they were able to destroy Judge Kavanaugh, it would have been a big step toward perhaps destroying America, for it could have set a precedent. Does that sound overdramatic? Please hear me out.

This is not politics as usual. We are not wrestling against flesh and blood. This is the work of principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this world (Eph. 6:12). This is all related to the death of a nation and a constitution founded on godly principles. The two things the radical leftists fear the most are the Bible and our national Constitution.

When a senior Democratic Congresswoman publicly and unashamedly says to hunt down all Trump supporters wherever you find them—hunt them down in gas stations, in restaurants, drive them out from stores, don't let them appear in public and so on, you can bet we are no longer playing politics as usual.

When you witness yet another senior Democratic senator, Diane Feinstein, deliberately conspiring in a Senate deliberation involving hiding a letter for months and the witness for weeks, and doing it totally against Senate rules—and then to complicate the matter, apparently allowing one of her staff to leak the letter to create a media firestorm, it is not politics as usual. It is the basest form of corruption and lawless manipulation.

Unnatural Hatred

There is a level of hatred and resistance now in our nation that is beyond natural. It is of the demonic realm.

As I stated, this all began building momentum after the election of President Donald Trump on that fateful day for all Democrats in November 2016. The defeat of Hillary Clinton loosened the grip on socialism and atheistic communism and the complete remaking of Barack Obama's America.

This is the reason the day after the inauguration you heard influential celebrities like Madonna saying she has dreams of the White House burning down and being destroyed. It's the reason other popular figures use such derogatory language and profanities against our president. Remember the image, still so clear in my mind, of the woman holding a model of the bloody head of Donald Trump in her hand?

This is not normal. It is a murderous Satanic spirit. Never in my lifetime or perhaps the entire history of our nation have we seen this kind of disrespect and dishonor for the highest office in the land. It is demonic filth and hatred.

This irrational and senseless attitude, which borders on insanity, is the prevailing spirit in our nation. It's like a virus. The ungodly media is shaping the minds of multitudes and spreading this virus. That's why you had the desperation to find collusion with the Russians, which, one Washington reporter, after two years of investigation, says turned up no evidence at all. Zero. Zilch. Nada. But just as with the Kavanaugh hearings, it's never been about evidence. It's about smearing, undermining, distorting the facts and character defamation of the truly upright.

A recent tweet from a popular public figure read like this:

"Whatever happens, I'm just glad we ruined Brett Kavanaugh's life."

That is pure demonic hatred. It is inhumane. It speaks of the characteristics outlined in an evil, last-days people:

"unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those who are good" (2 Tim. 3:2-3)

All of America just watched a process of a man of integrity humiliated and nearly destroyed along with his family, all without the bias of media interpretation during the actual hearings.

And to further expose the blatant hypocrisy of many liberals, who continually promote non-bullying, there was the witness of two very liberal women in an elevator bullying Senator Flake, followed by a mob attempting to drive Senator Cruz out of a restaurant.

What Kind of Future America Do We Want?

We are all witnessing a remarkable moment in America's history. And that is why the upcoming midterm elections are no longer just about President Trump but what kind of future America we want for our children and grandchildren.

Do we want to become an America whose left-wing values are imposed by force, smears and character assassinations? One in which our borders are open to illegal immigrants, with opioids flooding into our nation and ruining the lives of even more of our youth? Do we want a future America in which there are sanctuary cities for destructive gangs like MS-13 who torture people with knives?

Or do we want an America of peace and prosperity, and one which we truly enjoy our freedoms, and where the true gospel is preached and the true God is worshipped? In other words, do we want a results-oriented America, which President Trump is producing at a historic pace, or do we want a resistant, defiant America, who want to destroy and reshape our Constitution and the many liberties we enjoy? Senator Shumer and Speaker Pelosi would lead that resistance—one which is summed up in what Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island said to impeach Kavanaugh even after his confirmation. This is complete lawlessness.

When you have such insensible, corrupt and lawless leaders and rulers in our nation, you are looking at an unending war that is not going to be stopped anytime soon, even if conservatives win the midterms. A battle has been won, but the war continues. This is already a large leaven in our nation. It's too big a ship to turn in one election; and honestly, I'm not even sure it can be turned anytime soon.

This is an unending war against American patriotism, the rule of law and fair play. But most of all, it is a war of resistance and rebellion against the Bible and our Constitution. There is no method to this radical liberal madness of "we will rule our nation or ruin our nation." How can you even rationalize with someone of this unreasonable and wicked mindset?

The totalitarian left threatens democracy and government in America. It also more importantly, threatens our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Listen to this compelling quote from Abraham Lincoln in his 1860 speech on the abolition of slavery where he outlines the attitude of the slaveowners, which is directly related to the totalitarian left's attitude today.

"Your purpose then plainly stated is that you will destroy the government unless you be allowed to construe and enforce the constitution as you please when all points in dispute between you and us. You will rule or ruin in all events." —Abraham Lincoln

This attitude threatens democracy today with its "rule or ruin" totalitarian philosophy.

And that is what this campaign and election is all about, as reflected in the Kavanaugh hearings. To all serious Christians: please continue to watch and pray; and by all means, vote for righteousness in the upcoming election and in future ones as well.

Bert Farias' books are forerunners to personal holiness, the move of God, and the return of the Lord. They also combat the departure from the faith and turning away from the truth we are seeing today. The Tumultuous 2020s and Beyond is his latest release to help believers navigate through the new decade and emerge as an authentic remnant. Other materials/resources are available on his website, Holy Fire Ministries. You can follow him personally on Facebook, his Facebook ministry page, or Twitter.

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