President Trump's Unpredictability Is His Biggest Asset

President Donald Trump
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Dr. James E. Mitchell, in Enhanced Interrogation, tells of spending hours daily with the most dangerous men on the planet following 9/11: Islamic terrorists.

"Their goal has been to replace our freedoms with a draconian medieval way of life that stopped evolving 1,400 years ago," Mitchell said. "They live in a religiously dominated world where it is normal and even desirable to burn churches, raze irreplaceable antiquities, destroy great works of art, treat women as property and sell them as sex slaves, throw gays off tall buildings, and publicly slaughter people who aren't like them while little children watch or even take part in the beheading, stoning, shooting and burning of helpless victims."

On one of the effective interrogators, he writes:

"I call him the preacher because in the early days during enhanced interrogations he would at random times put his hand on the forehead of a detainee, raise the other high in the air, and in a deep Southern drawl say things like 'Can you feel it, son?' and 'There's fire in the lake!'

"I asked him one time what that was all about. In a heavy drawl, he replied, 'I do it to make it tough for the detainees to predict what I'm going to say or do next ... to make them think I could become unhinged at any moment'."

Which brings us to President Donald J. Trump and his lack of predictability being used as an asset.

As the great negotiator, President Trump must know that moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem improves the prospect of peace in the Middle East. Palestinians and adversarial Muslim countries surrounding Israel will come to the peace table once the American Embassy is headquartered in Jerusalem.

President Trump promised five things to evangelicals during the 2016 campaign:

  • Move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem
  • Repeal the Johnson Amendment ("The Christian Gag Rule")
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Restore local control of public education
  • Scrap the Iranian nuclear deal

President Trump must keep his word; evangelicals backed him because they believed that he would keep his promises. But there is no such hope for Congress, The border wall and Obamacare both serve as examples of that fact.

One last word, given to the White House Press Corps who will travel with the President to the Middle East this week. We hope the media will take this opportunity to juxtapose Muslim society and principles, against Western legal philosophy, tradition, and freedom.

Islam and Christianity are distinct, immutable religions.

To make a case in point regarding the predicament of Israel, Mitchell writes, again in Enhanced Interrogation:

"For months, almost daily, I had spent hours in a cell with one of the most dangerous men on the planet. We argued. We laughed together. We stood close enough to smell each other's breath. I watched his eyes flash with reverence when he told me about his brand of Islam's unending obligation to destroy our way of life. He said Allah had given them dominion over the earth and commanded them to convert, enslave or kill everyone or die trying. The only way he could avoid hell and ensure his place in paradise was to devote his life to destroying our way of life."

Islam and Christianity are distinct religions, and, in the end, cannot coexist. Each theological worldview is eternal and immutable and is in conflict with each other. One will ultimately end in destruction, as the consequence of the elevation of the other.

In conclusion, secularists over the last three-quarters century have managed to obscure the fact that, as M. Stanton Evans wrote in The Theme Is Freedom, "It was Christianity—not paganism, 'religious neutrality,' or secularism—which produced freedom and justice in the West and America." America's Founders articulated clearly their belief that liberty depends upon virtue, virtue depends upon Judeo-Christian values, and freedom requires righteousness of its people—righteousness—that is the glory of a nation.

David Lane is the founder of American Renewal Project.

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