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If It Talks Like a Terrorist and Acts Like a Terrorist, It Is a Terrorist

Standing With Israel

America’s college campuses are burning with antisemitism, a byproduct of the left-wing ideology that has, for years, dominated the upper echelons of academia and poisoned the minds of so many of America’s youth.   We are witnessing a poisoned generation of college students on campuses from coast to coast. What started out under the false guise of “peaceful protests” in […]

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Reagan’s America Funded Israel’s Iron Dome, Biden Blocked It

Here's the Deal

Iran, the world’s leading terrorist nation (which previously held Americans hostage for 444 days until President Ronald Reagan secured their release), recently rained down 120 ballistic missiles, 170 drones and 30 cruise missiles on Israel. It was an unprecedented direct attack following its previous Hamas proxy attack on Oc. 6, 2023, which killed 1163 people

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‘Palestine Will Be Free’—at What Cost?

Standing With Israel

Students shouting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” seem to think Hamas is some sort of democratic national liberation movement. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hamas was founded in 1987 as an Islamist political organization designed to drive Jews and other non-Islamists out of Palestine and then expand its

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Recent Actions Endanger Israel and US, 157 Christian Leaders Warn Biden

Standing With Israel

By American Christian Leaders for Israel One hundred fifty-seven Christian leaders, including Gary Bauer, Troy Miller, Juan Rivera and Star Parker, united under the banner of American Christian Leaders for Israel to write a letter expressing disappointment with recent actions taken by the Biden administration regarding Israel and warning him that these actions will embolden

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Prophetic Alert: Are These Israel’s Darkest Hours?

Standing With Israel

By Gary Curtis This is part one of a two-part article. Watch for part two, coming soon to charismanews.com. Many believe Israel is now in its darkest hour since its War of Independence against five invading Arab armies concluded in March 1949. It seems the world is increasingly turning against the land and its people.

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10 Factors Hindering a National Awakening

The Pulse

By Joseph Mattera Christians everywhere pray for a national awakening that will preserve and revive their nation. However, an awakening does not come simply because people hope and pray for it. Before a nation experiences a spiritual awakening, certain preconditions must occur.  By “awakening,” I am referring to masses of people in a community, city

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Christian World, Now Is Your Time to Denounce Antisemitism

In the Line of Fire

As followers of Jesus we are often grieved over the compromise and cowardice of previous generations of American Christians. With righteous indignation, we say, “Had I lived in the days of slavery or segregation, I would have taken a stand. I would have spoken up!” In the same way, we decry the compromise and cowardice

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NOW Would Leave Even Karl Marx Scratching His Head 

In the Line of Fire

About 40 years ago, I saw an ad on Christian TV promoting a new translation of the Bible. It depicted King James as he was presented with a copy of the new translation bearing his name in 1611. Turning to one passage, the king read the words, “with the froward thou wilt shew thyself froward”

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