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Larry Tomczak: Are You Aware You Reside Under the ‘O’Biden Administration’?


Rush Limbaugh, the beloved, brilliant broadcasting icon, died about 60 days ago. Do you miss him?

I do, but I’m at rest in my soul because I heard his statement of his trust in Christ on the air before he died.

Years ago, when Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Limbaugh took to the golden EIB microphone to predict that even though Obama left the White House, he wouldn’t do as previous presidents and leave D.C. “El Rushbo” told his 25 million listeners that Barack and Michelle Obama would take up residence nearby to continue his “fundamental transformation of America.”

Is the “resistance” still present down the street from the White House in what’s called “Obama House”? Is a “shadow government” pulling the levers of power? Last week Obama admitted he talks with President Joe Biden on a regular basis.

Of course, you don’t see Obama in action because he’s too street smart to come out of the shadows. I used to work minutes away from his residence, so I know the lay of the land. He’s there, alright, and protected by walls that Democrats tell us don’t work. He’s not going away.

What’s Actually Happening

The weekly meeting of influential strategists in the District, the Bonner Group, dialogue and discern the key issues that are disseminated to other operatives and important contacts at the New York Times and Washington Post. Biden thrives on positive publicity emanating from these extremely influential news sources. Cash-strapped newspaper outlets across America grab the headlines and narratives to then blanket the nation with the information they want us to read and the stories they want us to believe.

Ever wonder how newspapers and news programs all seem to share the same headlines and duplicated attention-getting statements? “Voter Suppression in Georgia Moves All-Star Game Out” blasted banner headlines from Maine to Los Angeles. The narrative is controlled.

Biden is in the Oval Office cockpit as Obama’s docile lieutenant for leftist policies of the radicalized Democrat party. Did you know he has a weekly phone chat with Socialist leaders Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren? As the undisputed head of the fawning Democrats, Obama and the team are integrally involved in the decision-making process as they hand off stacks of official looking executive orders. Biden dutifully signs them at his desk flanked by ready media representatives in photo op positions.

Does he really know what he’s signing? Did he read the record number of 28 executive orders he signed with lightning speed in his first days (almost more than Franklin Roosevelt did in an entire month)? Anyone get the feeling someone is moving aggressively to make changes as fast as possible?

Going, Going, Gone

Adherents to the Democrat party (like my parents who loved Truman and Kennedy) recognize the leftist metamorphosis of Biden. They also question whether he is in cognitive decline and competent for the job.

I am not a medical authority, but I join scores of Americans who observe what’s taking place and are uncomfortable as we come to grips with the reality that Biden is basically a figurehead “puppet” for those deliberately using him in his weakened state.

His handlers have worked tirelessly to shield “Hidin’ Biden” from letting his guard down and being exposed in embarrassing situations, and the State of the Union address has been dodged with the usual “COVID concerns.”

When forced to go to Texas last month due to a weather disaster, he said in confusion, “What am I doing here?” Then in Houston, he again was befuddled struggling to deliver a simple 10-minute monologue from his teleprompter. Then back at the White House, looking dazed (and again with a teleprompter), he forgot the name of the Pentagon and his defense secretary sputtering, “the guy that runs that outfit over there.” Additionally, he touted the COVID relief bill as a “bipartisan” effort when there was not one Republican in either chamber who voted for it.

Three dozen Democrats expressed he relinquish the nuclear codes. Whispers of “Joe must go” exist, and numerous political leaders question if it’s time to consider the 25th Amendment, where a president is removed from office because of being incapable of functioning effectively.

When President Reagan almost died from an attempted assassination, had he not miraculously recovered his mental acuity, he could have experienced necessary removal. It also applied to Woodrow Wilson after his stroke when his wife covered for him.

Remember, it won’t be long until Biden turns 80, and he’s already had two brain aneurysms. Have you noticed the official change at the White House saying all communications are to refer now to the “Biden/Harris Administration?”

My mother had dementia, which started slowly and worsened toward evening and over time (called sundown syndrome). Many of us know the signs and hold our breath because we know radical, San Franciscan, far-left politician Kamala Harris waits in the wings.

“I’ll Be Back!”

Obama’s advisers may have said, “I’ll be back!” when they left because they’re returning!

— Susan Rice, who misled the world on the Benghazi attack that killed our ambassador, reappears as director of Domestic Policy as a messenger to relay signals from the Obamas.

— Jen Psaki is reinserted in her communications role to speak for Biden and playfully banter with the now friendly press corps in the new atmosphere of lighthearted Q&A. The preapproved questions are submitted in advance.

— Obama’s Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen, came roaring back from their stagnant economy as U.S. secretary of treasury.

— David Axelrod lays low but is floating around behind the scenes.

— John Kerry (often mistaken for Fred Gwynne on The Munsters) reported for duty as U.S. envoy of climate, stepping off his luxury private jet to lecture us on being responsible with fuel and the environment.

— Nine of 13 “retreads” from the Obama days have plugged back into position, plus a radical abortion activist attorney was set in as head of Health and Human Services (no medical experience but did sue David Daleiden who exposed Planned Parenthood’s selling baby body parts). Dr. Levine, formerly a married man and father now identifying as a woman, is assistant secretary of health to lead Americans in healthy living.

A former journalist and writer, Ayad Rahim, made an astute observation on American Thinker recently. “Barack Obama has now been president longer than FDR … Obama has been running the show in Washington for 4,400 days and counting—and he’s not shy about letting us know it.”

Judgment or Awakening?

America has long been deserving of judgment for our national sins and brazen defiance of God’s Word. We have quoted 2 Chronicles 7:14 for years, but now we must take seriously the directive to “turn from our wicked ways.” There is hope for a third Great Awakening, without which America is doomed.

God wants us to embrace a sense of urgency. We’re already experiencing catastrophic consequences with Biden’s incapacitated state, incompetence and immoral spending. Radical policies, proposed legislation (HR 1 and HR 5 Equality Act), unbelievable border chaos and aggressive abortion advances are waking many people up to the push for a socialist state.

Was the rough and ready Donald Trump an expression of God’s mercy for our nation in our time of crisis? Was he similar to a Winston Churchill whom God provided to stand courageously and help rescue people from the coming peril?

Here’s the Deal: The “O’Biden team,” is like a runaway freight train demolishing almost all of the policies of the pro-life, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, pro-religious freedom Trump administration. Charles Spurgeon told us never to succumb to the seductive “sin of doing nothing” (see James 4:17). Let’s pray for our nation and leaders faithfully, share the gospel consistently and apply the truth of God’s Word uncompromisingly to every area of life so we experience the turnaround for which I trust we are fervently praying. {eoa}

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