Exposing the Student Protests, Women's Marches and the Girl Scouts

Emma Gonzalez, a student and shooting survivor from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, cries as she addresses the conclusion of the "March for Our Lives."
Emma Gonzalez, a student and shooting survivor from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, cries as she addresses the conclusion of the "March for Our Lives." (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)
I am not an alarmist, though I am one who embraces the Scripture that tells us, "And do not have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness; instead, expose them" (Eph. 5:11).

Recently, I wrote a commentary pulling back the curtain on another Hollywood propaganda film called, Love, Simon, which is an attempt to lure vulnerable young people into the LGBTQ lifestyle. Unsuspecting parents are easily misled by this PG-13 film and, unless educated, give a thumbs-up for their teens to go see this "love story." 

Currently, Snoop Dogg, the profane and pot-promoting rapper, is tricking unsuspecting young people to purchase his "Bible of Love" album, making it No. 1 on the Christian and Gospel section of iTunes. And NBC's primetime Good Girls draws young viewers, although the vile program features almost nonstop sexual dialogue, affairs, foul language, sex texting, drunkenness and transgenderism. Any wonder "One Million Moms" urges pushback and pulling of sponsors?

As "watchmen on the wall," we must be alert in these days of subtle seduction. In the Gospels, Jesus warned us that the primary signpost of the period prior to His return would be deception. In Mathew 24:1-24, He stated it four times.

Let's step back for a moment and review three areas where more meets the eye than what appears on the surface.

Women's March

Less than two months ago, we observed women's marches in Washington, D.C. and cities across America. These gatherings piggybacked the large, radical feminist march in the nation's capital following the election of President Donald Trump last year.

The media portrays these events as celebrations and legitimate protests against racism, social injustice and discrimination against women while, at the same time, calling for better health care and government policies facilitating "female empowerment." Young girls and daughters are encouraged to participate to learn ways to improve conditions for the women of the world.

The reality is, these events have a hostile anti-President Trump emphasis along with speaker after speaker advocating for abortion rights, the LGBTQ agenda, radical feminism, climate change, unrestricted illegal immigration and a host of causes contrary to conservative, traditional values.

One of the national co-chairwomen for the Women's March is a board member of a group called "Gathering for Justice," which receives substantial funding from anti-American socialist George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. This leftist radical feminist is also one of three key leaders of the March who are supporters of overt racist Louis Farrakhan, one of America's most visible anti-Semitic figures. And if you are pro-life, stay home because your representation is not wanted or allowed at the event.

Student Protests

After 17 students were killed in the horrific Parkland High School shooting in Florida, a national student walkout was encouraged to show solidarity with young people demanding change regarding guns in America. About 3000 protests took place. The impression given was they were spontaneous uprisings by socially conscious youth demanding laws be changed.

Again, the reality is that the originator of the "spontaneous uprising" is actually the youth arm of the Women's March, a group called Empower. The NRA is the boogie man and demands for laws to allow courts to disarm people must be met. Supporters and sympathizers supply funds and even toolkits for this well-oiled machinery as they cleverly manipulate naïve children to advance their agenda.

Saturday's "March for Our Lives" began with the call for the "revolution to begin!" Media and naive onlookers spotlight school safety, which I am 100 percent behind, but neglect to cite anti-Second Amendment calls for gun control; changing the Constitution of our Founding Fathers; and, don't miss it, voter registration for the Democratic Party! And did you notice the presence of well-armed law enforcement plus armed security shadowing our celebrity participants?

David Hogg, the teen spokesman, spewed out venom in a profanity-laced interview. "Adults don't know how to use a [expletive] democracy ... old [expletive] parent... multiple expletives]..." Participants or Tweet supporters included George Clooney, Cher, Oprah, Michael Moore, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Rosie O'Donnell, Lady Gaga, Dennis Rodman and Miley Cyrus. The environmentally-conscious attendees, some wearing "[Expletive] the NRA!" sweatshirts, left D.C. streets trashed with litter.

The Girl Scouts

Oh, how difficult it was for me to smile and politely refuse to purchase those delicious thin mint Girl Scout cookies when I was approached day after day. The reason for my withholding support was not weight-watching but rather major differences with the direction of the organization.

People are increasingly becoming aware of liberal and leftist tendencies in the Girl Scouts of America. Membership in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts has plummeted from peaks of around 4,000,000 to 2,000,000.

Disturbing developments coming to light are the reason for many withholding support from the Girl Scouts:

  • The CEO speaking on national television about the Girl Scouts' partnership with Planned Parenthood 
  • Dissemination and availability of Planned Parenthood sex education material to naïve adolescents in the scouting program
  • Girl Scout national conventions featuring Planned Parenthood speakers 
  • A former vice president of marketing and lobbyist for Planned Parenthood appointed CEO and leader of an 11,000 girl council Dr. Stacy Cordery, biographer of Girl Scout founder Juliette Gordon Low, stating, "The integration of lesbian, bisexual and transgender Girl Scouts is a natural extension of the group's history of inclusiveness."
  • Girl Scouts being provided with a curriculum, "Your Voice Your World: The Power of Advocacy" featuring female role models who are feminists, lesbians, Communists and Marxists: Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova , Betty Friedan, Bette Midler, Hillary Clinton and numerous others.

Advancing Alternatives

When The New York Times ran an op-ed by Kathy Tisdale, leader of Camp Fire, heralding their "nondiscrimination policy," she stated something of significance. She challenged "those whose values or religious convictions may conflict with our policy may choose another organization to join."

The Girl Scouts of America are sadly on a slippery slope that's being exposed. Along with the above, they're also welcoming transgender boy/girls into their ranks, where boy/girls can enter young girls' dressing rooms, restrooms and exercise rooms.

Is it any wonder that American Heritage Girls,  a Christian alternative, is exploding across America, with over 43,000 girls now involved in every state? Based on timeless biblical values, they declare that they're "not about girl power but God's power!" Their mission is to "build women of integrity through dedication to service, spiritual growth, servant leadership, goal-setting through merit badges, advanced opportunities and teamwork."

Here's the deal: whether it's Women's Marches, student protests or scouting programs, God's people must be biblically informed, learn to discern, then take appropriate action to align with God's will for their families and our nation. And may we continue evangelizing the lost and praying for a true spiritual awakening in our day.

Larry Tomczak author of 10 books, is a cultural commentator of 50 yrs, Intercessors for America board member, best-selling author and a public policy adviser with Liberty Counsel. His new, innovative video/book, BULLSEYE, develops informed influencers in 30 days (see www.bullseyechallenge.com). and he has a variety of resources on his website (see www.larrytomczak.com). You can also hear his weekly podcast here.

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