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KORN at the 2017 Grammys.

When Jesus Goes To Korn Concerts

Brian is the guitarist for the hard rock band Korn, which, let's just say, is decidedly not a Christian band.  Aggressive music, swearing in the lyrics, dark imagery, the whole shebang. read more

When Jesus Wasn't Nice

If you were saying one thing but living another way, and especially if you were a "religious" person and should know better, He brought the fire and the fury of heaven down on you. Publicly.  read more

How Reliable Is Jesus?

He had a full-on encounter with Jesus where his childhood trauma was healed in a dramatic and emotional time of inner healing.   read more

Stop Treating God's Love Like a Puddle

"What is the point of one-time encounters if there is no follow-up?"  This has been a criticism I have faced in my films since the very beginning, and it's honestly one I have wrestled with myself. But ... read more
 Jesus Christ Himself appears in front of their eyes, but still their rational, skeptical natures take hold. Things haven’t changed much in 2000 years.

Why God Loves Mystery

Miracles are funny things. On the one hand, they hold the ability to light a fire inside of us for more of God. I think my films are proof enough of this. But on the other hand ... read more

Why God Isn't Afraid of Your Doubts

I am often suspicious of Christians who, whenever someone becomes vulnerable and voices questions/doubts/fears when it comes to God and faith, give a kind of knee-jerk reaction of total confidence, backed by the requisite Bible verse to prove their point.   read more
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