Missionary Arrested Walking to Church


Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, Gobesh Manranman, was arrested July 3 on his way to church. He is in jail, charged with being a member of a murderous rebel group that is the target of a government crackdown.

Gobesh, who is pastor of a small congregation in a village near a large city center, was taken into custody while walking to church Sunday morning.

Pastors are often charged with being associated with this rebel group because they openly minister to individuals who are part of the group. They do not condone their rebel activities.

Rather, they want to introduce them to the Savior. Other times, local people who are angry becuase many in their village choose to leave their traditional faith to embrace Christ, make false allegations against them.

Gobesh needs prayers that he will be released without any complications, and that no formal charges will be filed against him. Also pray for Gobesh’s congregation, as their pastor’s arrest could discourage them.

The congregation is also in the process of constructing a new church building. They would like prayer that the incident with their pastor would not hinder the construction project, and that it would proceed on schedule.

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