Makeup Artist Defeats the Devil With Lipstick

make up artist

Equipped with brushes, lipstick and the Word of God, Operation Mobilization missionary Paddy Harris uses her talents to share the gift of Jesus with women in Carlisle, U.K.

“I don’t know how it happened, but I always had the idea to share my testimony and combine it with makeup lessons,” said Paddy, a native of Germany. “It must’ve just been a God-idea, but I never knew how to, where to and with whom to do the workshops.”

Paddy began training as a hair stylist at age 15 and spent the following 18 years earning a living as a hair and makeup artist.

During her final seven years in practice, Paddy did freelance work until she became a Christian during a trip to Australia.

“I felt the Lord was definitely calling me out of the industry and into ministry; that’s when I went to the ships,” Paddy said.

In January 2007, Paddy joined Logos II and served on board until she and her husband, Pete, who works with OM’s video production team, moved to Carlisle in February 2008.

After years apart from the hair and makeup industry, Paddy was feeling led to once again use her skills.

With focus and confidence, the mother of two began organizing makeup workshops and pamper days with women in Carlisle, but this time with a different purpose.

“It’s a completely different goal. It’s using the gift of makeup to bring Jesus to the ladies,” Paddy said. “I don’t want to waste time. My heart isn’t to have a social, but my heart is to bring Jesus to the nations, to the ladies.”

The first workshop took place in September 2010 and followed with four more. However, it was not until May 2011 that Paddy really saw her idea come to reality with a two-day event held at OM’s international headquarters in Carlisle.

On the first night, Paddy focused on identity—who women are in the sight of God and His love for them.

On the second day, Paddy showed a video exposing how the world manipulates women into believing lies about real beauty. She then assisted them in proper makeup techniques and got to know the ladies personally.

Finally, Paddy took time to share her personal testimony about meeting the Lord and living for Him.

“A friend told me that particularly one young girl was really listening,” Paddy explained. “I heard a few weeks later that in the same week the young girl made a commitment to follow Christ.”

Paddy’s unique ministry is an example of how God uses the creative gifts of His followers to lead people to Himself.

“Sometimes we have been given a gift and we think it can’t be of God,” Paddy said. “And then He’s like, ‘No, no, no use it. It’s good.’”

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