Spirit-Filled Christian Detained in Psych Ward for Testimony


The freedom to worship and testify about one’s faith and the workings of God in their life is central to the founding and uniqueness of America.

So, when an award-winning principal, who shares publicly how the Holy Spirit has filled her heart and she received the gifting of tongues, is summarily detained by law enforcement against her will, it shows something has shifted in the spiritual atmosphere of America.

Mary Fulp is the principal of Colony High School in Palmer, Alaska, and the 2022 Alaska Principal of the Year.

Yet it was not until she shared a Facebook Live video of her radical encounter with God that filled her with the Holy Spirit and she started speaking in tongues, that she was viewed as mentally ill.

Her family became concerned with her mental state and confronted her about this revelation that she shared publicly.

After Fulp said the conversations became unproductive she asked her family to leave.

They refused and called a state trooper to the house who reported Fulp was of “sound mind and body when she met with me.”

“She asked me if I wanted them trespassed and I said, ‘If they don’t leave, then we can have that conversation, but please ask them to leave,'” Fulp wrote on Facebook.

As reported by the Alaska Watchman, “After the children left, Fulp later received a visit from two other troopers who said they had a court order to take her to Mat-Su Regional Medical Center for a mandatory psychological evaluation.”

Fulp recorded the entire situation on her phone and streamed it onto Facebook Live.

“It’s called an ex parte order, which means they got the order without your input,” one of the officers explained to Fulp.

“So, they got the order without my input, because I just set some very clear boundaries that I wanted them to back off,” Fulp explained to the officers. “They didn’t honor those boundaries. A trooper came by earlier and asked me if I wanted them trespassed, and I said, ‘Only if they don’t leave.’ So, they left and came back, and this is what I get.

“I’m getting taken to the hospital for claiming that Jesus is King and claiming that I stand with the Marin Luther King civil rights movement … So, I would like to see this show up in the news,” Fulp continued.

Fulp’s video ends when they arrived at the hospital, with the officer instructing her to stop recording due to the sensitive information held within the hospital.

“I mean, I’m claiming all of the biblical principles, and this is where I go – to the hospital because they think I’m crazy, because the world is such a mess that it takes someone bold to say, ‘You got to put things back in their proper order,'” Fulp said. “And so here I am getting a psych eval because I love Jesus.”

Except she was subject to more than just an unlawfully given psych test.

According to a statement released by the Anchorage-based Thompson Law Group who is representing Fulp, her treatment at the hands of hospital staff was representative of a horror film.

“She was strapped to a gurney, held down by several staff and forcibly injected with psychotropic medication without her consent and without a court order authorizing the administration of such medications.

“She spent days in a cold, dark mental health hospital room, during which time staff breached her federally protected HIPAA rights by disclosing their ‘opinions’ as to her circumstances to individuals who did not possess any authorization to receive her federally protected HIPAA private mental health information. This traumatic experience is a free citizen’s worst nightmare, and this broken system has caused her, and her children, inexcusable and immeasurable harm.”

All because she is a professing, Spirit-filled Christian.

The ease with which a Christian was able to be taken from their home, committed to a mental institution and summarily injected with psychotropic drugs is shocking. Never mind the fact that it took place within the United States of America.

Christians must wake up to the wave of persecution that is on its way. All signs point to the devil and his forces influencing policies and officials at all levels of government.

If they do not, and their faith is not built upon the solid rock of Christ, faith will waver, and a wave of apostasy will wash across the country at a rate much greater than what it already is.

But even in the face of such persecution and censorship, the light of Jesus can still shine and radically change the lives of those who have opposed the gospel message.

After these enduring attacks of the enemy, brave souls like Mary Fulp need the prayers of fellow believers to endure and overcome the spiritual assault they are subjected to, and that in the face of persecution, revival may break out with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. {eoa}

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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