Rick Warren Plans 9/11 Hope and Freedom Service

Rick Warren Saddleback Church 9/11

Rick Warren isn’t among the faith leaders who will head to Ground Zero in New York City to pray on 9/11.

Although Warren and many in his congregation feel Mayor Bloomberg should allow pastors to pray at the 9/11 Memorial, he has decided to approach the 10th year anniversary of the tragedy in a different way.

Warren is holding a 9/11 service that will include one of Saddleback Church’s affiliates just a few blocks from Ground Zero in New York City.

Dubbed the Hope and Freedom services, Saddleback will honor the sacrifice of those who died in the terrorist attacks by celebrating America’s freedom and hope.

Part of the live streaming webcast will come from Lower Manhattan Community Church, which serves Tribeca, Battery Park and the Financial District. The Hope and Freedom Service has the dual purpose of honoring our country and reaching the lost and unchurched.

“Ten years ago, our country was forever changed. Because of the terrorist attacks on our own soil, life in America would never be the same,” says Sarah J. Cruz of Saddleback Church. “This is a great weekend to invite your friends, neighbors and family to Saddleback. We will have a special time to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11, the first responders, and the servicemen and women who fought to defend our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The service will include music, a message and personal testimonies of those affected by the terrorist attacks and the wars that followed. Warren, along with the worship team and other special guest, will share stories.


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