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Government Gives Pentecostal Ministry $3.5 Million in Food


Convoy of Hope, a humanitarian ministry that has responded to global catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina and the floods in Bangladesh and Chile, was recently given an unexpected $3.5 million of Meals Ready to Eat from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), reported the Assemblies of God (AG) News Service.

“It’s a marvelous resource to help us better serve people in need following a disaster,” Randy Rich, operations director for Convoy of Hope, told AG News. “We are thankful for the good working relationship that we have with FEMA, and for being considered one of the most efficient and effective first responders.

The AG-affiliated organization said that much of the food, which has already filled 35 semitrailers, will be stored in their warehouse to be used for future international and domestic relief response; 350,000 pounds will be given to other nonprofits.


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