Drag Queens Dress as Nuns to Read Children Stories

A group of drag queens dressed as nuns at the Boston Public Library.

The Boston Public Library is coming under fire after hosting a “Drag Queen Story Time” event for young children.

On June 29, the library brought in the “The Boston Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”—a group of drag queens who dress as Catholic nuns—for a storytime with young children.

The Boston Public Library Facebook page put up a photo of the event.

Two days before the event, on June 27, a picture was posted by the “Children’s Library, Boston Public Library” Facebook page.

The photo’s caption says “Let’s end Pride Month with a drag … drag queen storytime, that is! Join us on Thursday, June 29th at 3:30 for another visit from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

Robert P. George, a Princeton University professor and director of the James Madison Program in American Ideas and Institutions says it is dangerous using the state to promote ideas that defy normal ideas about gender.

“Sexual liberationism … is also a militant religion that wishes to harness the coercive power of the state to enforce its doctrines down to policing language, such as male and female pronouns, and cleansing whole professions of people who refuse to bow to its gods,” George said.

“Every day, it demonstrates a willingness to wield that power mercilessly against those persons and institutions who have the temerity to challenge its hegemony,” he also said.

He adds that the incident “was a catechism class—an indoctrination session—in the religion of sexual liberation.” 

The photo posted on June 29 has been shared over 800 times and has received over 700 comments.

“This is totally inappropriate to be exposing young kids to” said one user.

“I find this mockery of my Catholic faith quite offensive. This is bald-faced bigotry and hatred, and the library is allowing it. Disgraceful!” commented another, according to Lifesite News.

June 29 is the day on which the Catholic Church observes the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. The feast is a celebration honoring Peter’s and Paul’s acts of martyrdom.

Last year, on June 10, the library hosted an event called “Jujubee Story Time.” Its invitation read in part, “Join drag queen Jujubee for stories, songs and fun as the library kicks off our celebration of the Pride Parade.”

The Boston Public Library released a statement Wednesday which said, “Boston Public Library reviews all feedback and comments we receive on our programming, which helps to inform future program selection for our patrons.” 

“The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” are self-dubbed “queer nuns” based out of San Francisco.

They claim to “use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit,” and say they are “devoted” to “promoting human rights, respect for diversity and spiritual enlightenment.”

“As for the ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,’ the anti-Catholic bigotry on display in their mocking of nuns and Christian morality is blatant,” said George.

“Just imagine the outcry if, instead of Catholic nuns, the mockery was aimed at immigrants, African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, handicapped people, Buddhists, Muslims or, indeed, self-identified gay or transgendered individuals. It would be deafening,” he said.

“But because the targets are Catholic sisters and Christian morality, what we get from the media is … silence.” {eoa}

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