Conservative Activist, Advocate Beverly LaHaye Dies at 94

Beverly LaHaye

Conservative evangelical leader, pastor’s wife and author Beverly LaHaye died April 14 at age 94. The wife of the late pastor and author Tim LaHaye, who co-wrote the bestselling “Left Behind” series, she founded conservative political group Concerned Women for America in 1979 as a response to the feminist movement.

CWA, which launched at the local level in San Diego, California, grew to a national organization within two years, aimed at protecting and promoting biblical and constitutional principles through prayer, education and advocacy. Through CWA, LaHaye helped lead opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment and consistently advocated for the life of the unborn and other family-oriented issues as well as urging support for Israel.

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The influence of CWA spread throughout the country, and the organization now has chapters in almost every state. As its chair and founder, LaHaye hosted an award-winning radio talk show and appeared in numerous media interviews. She retired as CWA president in 2006 and as chairman of the board in 2020 but continued her role as advocate for conservative causes.

She co-wrote many books with her husband and, also with him, co-founded San Diego Christian College. The two were married for 69 years before his 2016 death, and she was the mother of four, grandmother of nine and great-grandmother of 20.{eoa}

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