Christian & Jewish Leaders Reject ‘Two-State Delusion’

Israel and Palestinian flags

A recent meeting of over 150 Christian, Jewish and conservative leaders addressed the international issue of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue on Monday, Apr. 15, following the drone and missile strikes conducted against Israel from Iran.

The relatively new movement, Keep God’s Land, was established at this years National Religious Broadcasters convention in February, and used this meeting held at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. to “make their voices heard in opposition to the Biden administration’s push for a unilateral decision of a two-state solution.”

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Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman discussed Palestinians support for the attack, citing data which showed upward of 72% of adults in the West Bank and Gaza supported the attack, “There is no pathway to statehood for people who feel that way,” Friedman said. “God gave this land to the Jewish people, and the Jewish people can’t give it away.”

Friedman does not believe the two-state solution being pushed by the Biden administration is practical in either a political or biblical sense, and that the only solution is to obey God’s design for the land: the nation of Israel.

“And by the way, not only will the Jewish people prosper in the land of Israel, but those who are willing to live in this land who are non-Jewish people, who are Christian people, who are Muslim people, who are Palestinian—if they accept God’s sovereignty over this land, they will prosper as well,” says Friedman.

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Also viewing the two-state solution as anti-biblical, the Keep God’s Land movement addressed three critical areas for their belief:

  1. The Keep God’s Land movement rejects the creation of an Arab state in Israel’s heartland as it would pose an existential threat to Israel’s security.
  2. Neither the Jews nor the Arabs of the region are in favor of creating a two-state solution.
  3. A two-state solution that divides God’s land would be a direct rejection of God’s will as clearly and repeatedly stated in the Bible.

As reported by Israel365 news, “Special guests included U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson, Former Ambassador David Friedman and featured recorded remarks from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

“Every day since the Oct. 7 attack, evidence has surfaced to attest to the evil atrocities Israeli civilians, villages and towns suffered at the hands of Hamas terrorists on that terrible day,” organizers of the event said. “We invite you to bear witness to raw video footage edited into a 45-minute video, which is extremely graphic and contains difficult footage to watch in light of the disturbing attempts to distort the truth, including claims some of these atrocities did not in fact take place.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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