Top of the Week: ‘Revival Is Here’: Thousands Turn to Jesus at No. 2 Party School, Hundreds Get Baptized in Fountain

Screenshot from Charisma News YouTube video showing Taylor Swift and fans and FSU students celebrating spontaneous baptisms.

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‘Revival Is Here’: Thousands Turn to Jesus at No. 2 Party School, Hundreds Get Baptized in Fountain

New York Times bestselling Christian author and founder of IF:Gathering Jennie Allen is reporting once again that the Spirit of God is moving in the hearts of thousands of college students, this time at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

In a post to Instagram and Facebook on Friday, she shared a photo of a student who had just been baptized in the university’s Westcott Fountain on Thursday night.

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Isaiah Saldivar Breaks Down Controversial ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ad

If a Super Bowl commercial gets people talking about Jesus, then that’s a good thing right?

Well, according to many Christians, it depends on which Jesus the commercials are advertising.

To no one’s surprise, this year’s He Gets Us Super Bowl ad featuring various people washing the feet of what is assumed to be sinners has sparked fierce debate on both sides of the proverbial aisle.

Dr. Michael Brown: A Word of Encouragement to the Global Prayer Movement

Believers around the world are hurting right now; in particular, charismatic believers involved in the global prayer movement. A key leader in that movement, a man known as a deeply devoted, godly believer, has credibly been accused of gross sexual misconduct, not once but a number of times.

How could this be? How could it be possible for someone to lead a double life on that scale, especially over the decades? This leads many to wonder if anyone can be trusted.

Pastors who lead prayer ministries have reached out to me, telling me of the agonizing struggles some of their people are experiencing. Their very acts of worship and prayer seem tainted. Was any of it ever real? Or were they just fooling themselves all the time, thinking they were making a spiritual impact when they were just singing to the walls and praying to the ceiling? The sense of upheaval is deep.

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Pastor and author Charles Simpson, founder of Charles Simpson Ministries and pioneer in the charismatic renewal movement, died on Feb. 14 at age 86 after an extended illness. His son, Stephen Simpson, who now leads CSM, announced his father’s death on social media:

The elder Simpson had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit in the 1960s and, as he shared this experience, he became a part of the worldwide charismatic renewal, serving in leadership with icons such as Don Basham, Bob Mumford and Derek Prince. He co-founded Covenant Life Church in Mobile, Alabama; helped launch “New Wine,” a charismatic Bible-teaching magazine, in 1969; served on the board of Integrity Media and wrote numerous books.

Can Christians be ‘Swiftie’ fans?

For many people, Taylor Swift’s music has been a staple for years. Her themes of love and heartbreak thrown together with a catchy tune typically grab the listener’s ear, making it easy to stick in the mind. But are all of these tunes innocent? Are they too dark for Christians?

In order to understand the messaging of the music, you have to understand the person behind it.{eoa}

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