Top of the Week: King Charles: Prophetic Warning Unveils Shifting Power

Screenshot showing apologist Ray Comfort and King Charles in a Charisma News video.
King Charles has already been known as resolute in his stance that he will not abdicate the throne. (Screenshot, YouTube/Charisma News)

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Amid King Charles III's cancer diagnosis, prophetic words are being unveiled that foresaw a short reign for the king and a transitional power shift to Prince William.

Looking back at old prophetic clips, Joseph Z shared the prophetic words God had placed on him about what would happen with a power shift in the British monarchy.

A Rise of a False King: Right before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Joseph Z said he felt her presence slip away. From that, came a rise of a new leadership under Charles. However, this would not be the true leader of the people.

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Our local newspaper deeply buried its account of the Jan. 20 Israeli airstrike on Damascus on page 6. Apparently, the super-liberal journalists in our country (The Denver Post and all its subsidiaries are owned by The New York Times) have no knowledge of biblical prophecies, or they would have given the story front-page banner headlines.

To us Christian Bible lovers, the bombing incident signals a jump-start to a prophesied chain of events leading up to Armageddon. Israel is facing fanatical Islamic military attacks on four fronts: Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Gaza. A fifth is beginning to stir on the West Bank—all bankrolled by Iran, of course. As the Islamic noose tightens on the Israeli throat, that small country must employ new defensive operations to survive.

Is it not likely, given the fact Iran has developed diplomatic "friendships" with China and Russia, that Israel could one day be forced to consider the nuclear option as a viable defense? This is not a wild idea. Just this last week, I heard Perry Stone and one other of the many TV evangelists I follow state that only 1/3 of the biblical prophecies remain unfulfilled. This sounds reasonable, and I'm not a scholar of biblical proportions, but I believe the following nearly 3,000-year-old promise by Isaiah is among the very last of the old-guard, patriarchic prophecies.

Editor's Note: Be sure to see the update to the following story at this link.

Kevin Corey, a Virginia pastor, remains in intensive care after suffering severe burns in an accident at his home on the evening of Jan. 30. While he was incinerating documents from old files in his backyard fire pit, a gas can exploded in his hands.

Corey was the youth pastor at Calvary Road Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. He was transitioning from that job to take the senior pastor's position with another congregation, according to He and his wife were in the process of moving to Glasgow, Virginia, to be closer to their daughter Jenna Guercia, the outlet reported.

The Coreys' neighbors in the Newington area of Fairfax County told WRC-TV they heard and also felt the force of a loud explosion that evening.

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Comedian Rob Schneider is increasingly speaking about his faith, heralding the importance of forming a foundation on God and forgiving others.

"Jesus only lets you stray so much," Schneider recently told CBN News of his decision to re-embrace the faith he once found as a teenager. "At a certain point, He grabbed me again and hugged me."

The Saturday Night Live alum, who stars in a new Bentkey cartoon, "Chip Chilla," went on to describe what he sees as an inherent beauty in Christianity—a faith he believes is predicated upon true goodness.

In "The Wizard of Oz," at one point Dorothy tells her dog that she has "a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." She had been dropped in a strange new world that was crazier than anything she had ever imagined.

Needless to say, many of us feel the exact same way. We're not in the America that we grew up in anymore. Instead, we now live in a country that appears to be a cross between a really bad science fiction movie and a freak show. Sadly, the pace of change has now reached an exponential rate, and things will get even more insane during the years that are ahead of us.

The following are eight signs that demonstrate how truly bizarre our society is becoming.

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