Look Closer at Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Guilt Over Past Sins

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Megastar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been candid about his faith in God over the years. He gives God the credit for giving him the strength to endure the hard times in his life, before reaching superstardom as a wrestler-turned-movie star.

Johnson recently posted on Instagram about growing up in Hawaii, and how his family was "broke" while living there. He admitted that he would steal a Snickers bar from 7-11 every day as a snack.

These minor acts of thievery left a lasting impression on Johnson's heart, however, as he would remember committing the crimes every time he would drive by a 7-11.

Finally, when Johnson seemed to be unable to ignore what is the stirring of the Spirit, or what some people call a human's conscience, he did something about it, hoping to get rid of the "chocolate demons" that caused the guilt.

Johnson went into the 7-11 and bought every Snickers bar they had as an act of redemption. To make right the wrongs he once committed. But that is merely the tip of the iceberg of his atonement.

Taking the initiative, by the leading of the Spirit, Johnson asked everyone in the store to bring up their items so he could pay for them.

For some, this is a small gesture from a man who is predicted to become a billionaire. But for those people who are getting a snack, meal or drink at the convenience store, it opened the door to be blessed.

God doesn't just use Spirit-filled, oil-anointed, charismatic Christians to do His will. He uses the unqualified and the imperfect. Remember a certain presidential candidate in 2016 that God used for His purpose?

And Johnson's small act, which totaled a whopping $298, brought joy to the people he helped. He also tipped the cashier who was ringing up all the items, not knowing how life is playing out for the young man caught by surprise by this larger-than-life personality.

But one knows the situation these people are in financially, and Hawaii has a large disparity in wealth. Most people who shop at 7-11 are not doing so because they are rich, but because they can afford it and it is accessible to them.

If someone asked these people if what happened to them that day was good, you can tell by their reactions that yes, this was a good thing. And the Bible says time and again that all good things come from the Lord.

But this act also showed a compassion that Christians should take notice of.

Often, celebrities will spout off a quick "thank you" to God if they win an award or say they believe in God, yet their actions speak volumes more than their words. Over the years, Johnson has publicly confessed to putting his faith in God, even when he may spout off some cusswords while in the public eye. His actions, however, speak clearly about what is in his heart.

Is he a perfect man? Hardly, but what Christian is? Is he spiritually sensitive to the movements of the Spirit to bless those who need it? It certainly looks that way, and that is who God needs to accomplish His will: people who are willing to move at His direction.

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