UFOs: Aliens From Another Planet—or Demonic Imposters?


In a reversal of its longstanding reticence to talk publicly about UFOs, the U.S. government sent Pentagon officials to testify under oath last week to a congressional committee about unidentified phenomenon, promising more 'transparency" into the investigation of UFOs.

However, Neal Sibley, a Christian paranormal researcher and writer—who has been studying the UFO phenomenon for 20 years—asserts that this newfound attention on aliens visiting Earth is a smokescreen being fostered by Satan and his fallen angels to posture themselves as highly advanced "pseudo-saviors" to a culture that has banked its salvation on "the gods of technology."

"The U.S. government's recent announcement of its 'disclosure' on UFOs has elevated the once-fringe topic of UFOs and extraterrestrial aliens to now mainstream news," he says. "This prompts the obvious dilemma for Christians who are obliged to view this mystifying enigma from a biblical perspective."

"It is my contention that the UFO phenomenon is very much real," Sibley continues. "However, I believe the evidence reveals that the occupants of UFOs are not visiting aliens, but are, in reality, fallen angels masquerading as extraterrestrials visitors. Consequently, I believe the populace is on the eve of being lulled into the greatest worldwide deception ever perpetrated. I support my hypothesis with historical facts and the holy Bible."

Sibley contends that the confusion surrounding the subject of UFOs is twofold. There has been a deliberate obscuring of historical facts concerning UFOs by those responsible for producing documentary-style TV shows on the subject.

Second, as this UFO researcher from Knoxville, Tennessee puts it, "The prevailing church system has essentially abandoned scriptural teachings on the demonic realm as recorded in the Bible; it simply doesn't fit the marketing schemes for most of today's churches."

A Historical Perspective on UFOs

Prompted by a wave of UFO sightings across America and worldwide during the late 1940s, the U.S. Air Force studied the phenomenon, most notably Project Blue Book, according to Sibley. J. Allen Hyneck, an astronomer, was appointed by the Air Force as its chief scientific consultant.

Initially, Hyneck wasn't impressed with reported UFOs, but later had a change of heart after he personally investigated an UFO/alien encounter in 1964 witnessed by a highly respected New Mexico police officer, Lonnie Zamora.

Both the Air Force and the FBI investigated the Zamora case and discovered physical evidence at the scene, including ground depressions, burnt vegetation and child-sized footprints.

"Officer Zamora reportedly saw two small humanoids near the craft moments before it lifted off in a ball of flames," Sibley says. But there's more to the story. According to Dr. Jacques Vallee, UFO theorist and a close friend of Hyneck, "Zamora claimed that after blasting off, the anomalous craft flew away horizontally without making any sound. He also requested to see a priest before meeting with federal authorities."

"Obviously, Officer Zamora believed that he had witnessed something more sinister than a duo of visiting space travelers," Sibley adds.

And Zamora wasn't alone, as Sibley's research shows. Renowned UFO and paranormal researcher John Keel learned after interviewing hundreds of witnesses that similar sightings of grounded UFOs were commonplace.

"In fact, Keel suggested that such events were staged in an effort to foster the belief that the aliens were visiting extraterrestrials, but are, in actuality, paraphysical entities," Sibley says. "Keel labeled them as ultraterrestrials."

In his 1970 book, Operation Trojan Horse, Keel negated the popular extraterrestrial hypothesis for the origin of UFOs, Sibley says. Keel summarized that UFO manifestations seem to be: "merely minor variations of the age-old demonological phenomenon."

Furthermore, Vallee, a computer programmer and astronomer, also believed the occupants of UFOs to be akin to angels and demons. In his 1969 book, Passport To Magonia, he conjectured that today's belief in UFOs and aliens is identical to an earlier belief in the "fairy-faith," adding that "The entities described as the pilots of the craft are indistinguishable from elves, sylphs, and lutins of the Middle Ages."

Vallee also documented how today's aliens and yesteryears' mystical fairy-folk both share a nasty propensity for animal mutilations and the abductions of humans for nefarious reasons.

Sibley has experienced the demonic realm firsthand. When he was researching the Bell Witch of Tennessee haunting circa early 1800s, he had a face-to-face encounter with a demonic entity. He wrote a screenplay about the Bell Witch story—a story with a true biblical conclusion. A Hollywood studio vied for the script, but Sibley ultimately refused to compromise the inherent biblical elements.

Looking ahead, Sibley plans to reveal more of his research about UFOs in a new booklet; on his website, nealsibley.com; and in podcast interviews he plans to do. His audience and followers are increasing rapidly because of the spotlight recently directed at UFOs in the mainstream media. He may be one of the few Christian researchers in America to explore the subject matter to the depth that is needed.

Sibley believes he was called by the Holy Spirit over 20 years ago to research the truth about the demonic underpinnings of today's burgeoning paranormal demonstrations. He believes the Lord kept him in obscurity all this time to allow him to conduct his research unabated—so he could emerge for such a time as this—before Satan's climactic end-times deception is perpetrated.

As the government tells its side of the story about UFOs, this Tennessee-based researcher will be revealing a different perspective, steeped in a biblical point of view and soaked in spiritual discernment.

Anthony Hart is a freelance writer.

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