Sean Feucht, Parents Compel Families to Boycott Disney During Orlando Rally

(John Matarazzo)
As the protest group marched Monday evening along Apopka-Vineland Road in Orlando, Florida, bullhorns blared chants of "Boycott Disney!" and "We're taking Magic Kingdom back for the kingdom of God!

The chants were met with a mixed reception from the cars passing by.

Let Us Worship and Hold the Line founder Sean Feucht led the way to the intended protest location, the entrance to "The Most Magical Place on Earth," Disney World.

Despite being stopped from setting up the stage on the intended corner and having to quickly find a backup location for the worship rally, a crowd of grandparents, parents and kids holding signs saying "Disney Opposes Parental Rights" had already gathered at Mickey Mouse's gateway sign. They burst into cheers as Feucht and his team made their way to the landmark and led the group in protest chants and prayers.

Feucht greeted the crowd that grew to a few hundred throughout the Monday evening protest and led them in a "Boycott Disney!" chant. From his bullhorn he told the crowd, "If this was the 1980's or 90's, we would have thousands of people here because there was a united church that took a stand against stuff like this. But because the church has been so weak and lukewarm, we're afraid to call things out."

He recalled past events of the Hold the Line's campaign against the entertainment conglomerate, explaining that Disney's leaked video exposed their woke agenda. He declared that Disney is intentionally trying to groom children with their anti-biblical ideology.

Disney's public opposition to the Florida Parental Rights Bill sparked this boycott campaign by Feucht at their headquarters in Burbank, California, a few weeks ago. He followed by organizing another protest Monday at Disney World in Orlando. Feucht says he believes momentum is just beginning to build and called for a bold and courageous church in America that's not afraid to call out wickedness.

"We can't let (Florida Gov. Ron) DeSantis be the one to lead the way ... I love him, he's a great governor, I wish he was my governor. But it's the church's role to lead the way. We've got to stop looking to politicians!" Feucht said.

The crowd cheered when Feucht announced the news that Disney had recently lost $72 billion in its stock value.

The group prayed for God to move at Disney and for the church of Orlando. They declared, "We aren't called as Christians to manage the enemy, our battle is not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities, we're called to destroy the enemy!"

Feucht and his team marched the crowd back to the location where the stage was prepared for the rally. He was joined by Todd White of Lifestyle Christianity who commented that this protest was so important, he flew home from Kansas City the day before where he was taking part in "The Send" youth crusade. He got up early the next day to travel to Orlando just to be at this rally.

"This rally is to raise awareness that this is not OK that the church is silent," White says. "There are so many issues that we've been silent on. And honestly, I believe that the church has negotiated her faith, not the whole church, but a majority has negotiated their faith on an altar of cultural relevance.

"This is not relevant to culture. This culture is twisted and demonic, and the church has a completely different kingdom culture. We can't afford to go and sway over this just to make people happy. It's not possible. We're not going up that way. We're going rise up. We're going to be the church and demolish this thing through the Spirit."

White expressed that he was encouraged to see Christians who would normally be silent, stand and be vocal on this issue.

Pastor James Levesque from Clearwater, Florida, who helped organize the rally, was excited to take a stand for our kids. He commented that during COVID, it was like a failed fire-drill for the church that, "showed who you are" and that unfortunately a lot of Christians didn't take a stand.

Levesque explained that this isn't a time to just have unity, it is time to take a stand.

"We can't even get the church to agree on [abortion]. That's how far off we've been. We can't even agree on abortion being wrong, it's 100% murder, then how are we going to have just unity? So, somebody's got to take a stand. I think a sifting is taking place right now. Right from that, you know, God's separating things" Levesque says.

Between worship sets, different speakers took the stage to lead the crowd and share how they are standing against the secular culture. One of the groups represented was Moms for America.

Char Fenton of Florida Moms for America said, "All the moms and all these individuals understand how important it is that we protect our children. That's why we need to make sure that Disney does not continue to groom our children whether that means boycotting ... we're going to hit him where it hurts and that's in their pockets."

Alycia Dahmer and her family traveled from Kentucky to join the protest. Her sign invoked the classic Disney film The Little Mermaid and read "Dear Christian, what the devil wants from you is your voice!"

"The Lord spoke to me at the beginning of the pandemic and said, 'the devil wants your voice,'" Dahmer says. "He wants you quiet, he wants you silent. It is time for us to rise up and be the body of Christ. This isn't for everybody. This is for God's remnant, and we are a fiery bunch."

When asked what motivated her to travel with her family to the protest, Dahmer replied, "Disney has crossed the line. They have just decided they're going to try to sexualize children, children are innocent. Let children be innocent! When I see some of these new movies come out, it's demonic, there's witchcraft in them ... If that's the line in the sand, they're going to cross saying we're going to sexualize your children, then I'm just going say 'we no longer support you!'"

She concluded saying that as a family they have already canceled their DisneyPlus streaming account.

Social media influencers known as "The Patriot Sisters" were encouraged to see that the crowd wasn't made up of just parents and grandparents, but twenty-somethings and kids, "We're not willing to sacrifice our morals and the truth for comfort anymore," they said.

Recording artist and worship leader Eddie James commented on the spiritual importance of worship in public at the outdoor event, "Scripture makes it so evident that when we are bold about Jesus, it causes people who sit in darkness to see a great light, they're able to see 'Wow! What do they have? I want what they have. So, I think it's important that we as people of faith worship in the outdoors. It's one thing to see people come to an altar in a church building, well, it's another thing to see people come toward a stage outdoors and just say 'I want Jesus' and just cry and weep and get healed and get completely transformed. It's incredible."

Feucht announced to the crowd that he was leaving Orlando to head directly to Washington D.C. for his next rally on the Washington Mall as the fight for life, biblical morals and religious freedom battles heat up.

John Matarazzo is the digital content specialist at Charisma Media.

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