Dr. Stella Immanuel Reveals the Spirit Behind the Agenda for COVID-19

Dr. Stella Immanuel (Charisma News archive)

Have we ever witnessed such a level of global control and exercise of raw power to cause people to conform to a certain agenda as we did starting in 2020? The agenda I refer to is submitting to whatever the government claims about COVID-19 and accepting the vaccines without resistance.

What happened when this agenda exploded in our nation? We saw some people resist, but we saw a lot of people go right along with the agenda as if they were robots. Indeed, they behaved like unthinking machines, accepting whatever the "authorities" said. Worse than that, they worked against people who didn't go along with the agenda. As pharmacists, they refused to fill prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine or other treatments. As ER doctors, they refused to see patients who didn't agree to be checked in for COVID-19.

As tech workers at Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple, they deleted posts about hydroxychloroquine, or the devastating effect of lockdowns, or stolen elections or anything else not on their global agenda. This happened so quickly and with such uniform obedience from so many that it seemed almost supernatural. Could it be?

When professionals such as me scream and make a ruckus about effective treatments for COVID-19, yet governments block those treatments and social media persecutes and deletes those who mention them, what is really going on? When leaders and medical professionals and legal experts and rulers of entertainment and social media walk in such lockstep to the same agenda, clearly something diabolical is at work.

This is the spirit that shuts down churches, stops effective treatments from being given, intimidates those who love liberty, and undermines the foundations of righteousness in society. This is the spirit that says it's OK to rip babies from the womb up to the moment they're born, then exports this sick practice overseas with US government funds. If this isn't the hallmark of "mingled seed" in the land, then at least it is a form of national possession. There is no other explanation for why people would willingly do such crazy, wicked things in a seemingly coordinated and effective way.

Pressure to Get a Vaccine

Add to this the fact that the whole pandemic seemed aimed at getting every human to take a vaccine. Actually, it is not a vaccine in the traditional sense at all, but a radical new form of human "software." Moderna's vaccine is a messenger RNA, which goes into your system and tells your body to produce certain proteins. I believe this vaccine impacts human genetics and is well down the pathway of rewriting human DNA. Enormous pressure is being applied by companies and employers to force people to take the vaccine. Many people are already losing their jobs, or quitting under pressure, for not giving in.

As I told One America News Network, "I think that the media is just hyping this because they want to sell vaccines. And I would say from the beginning, the whole way they handled everything was a lie....Yes, we do have a disease, yes, it kills people that have some...underlying diseases, but it's not the scary disease that everybody is making it to be, and it has effective treatment and effective prevention. So I believe some of the hype is because they want people to take vaccines. They want to scare people that are...still resisting taking the vaccine.Really this disease is endemic now and I think we are going to deal with it for a while. ... The disease is very manageable, it's easy to treat."

I reiterated that people like me were being censored online by some social media companies. "They are censoring us because we are saying the truth. They don't want to treat people, they want to sell vaccine[s]. I think this whole pandemic was made for the vaccine instead of the other way round and I just wish people would wake up and realize that this is not a Democrat...or Republican issue; it's a humanity issue."

The reporter pointed out that "despite rapidly falling cases of the Chinese virus, the media and Democrats are continuing to hype up the disease and may even force Americans to use a vaccine passport to leave their homes." An article by Husch Blackwell states that "per recent federal employment law guidance, private employers can generally require employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19 as long as they comply with federal employment laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion and disability. At the state level, with the increasing availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, a number of states are beginning to consider passing legislation to prevent employers from mandating vaccinations and protect those who refuse vaccinations. This type of pending legislation is at various phases and, at this point no legislation specifically pertaining to refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine has been passed into law."

Meanwhile, doubts are rising about the safety of the so-called vaccines. There are reports of serious side effects on people who took them. Denmark banned the use of AstraZeneca "following news of its possible link to very rare blood clot cases," according to Reuters.

The Devil's Handiwork

We have seen so much since the beginning of 2020 that nobody really dreamed of happening. Would it surprise anyone, least of all Christians who know what the Bible says about the last days, if this whole thing has been about corrupting human DNA? Is the devil using doctors and science to wage war on humanity at the genetic level? What's next? What can we imagine scientists (and politicians) cooking up next to frighten and control huge populations, ultimately convincing (or forcing) them to alter their very DNA with so-called cures meant to keep everyone safe?

The only group that can stop the spread of evil is the Church. But the church is sleeping. For years and years, agents of the devil have given money to big preachers and denominations so they stay out of his way. They seem to have made a deal with the devil to preach about the American dream while the god of this world goes about his business.

Even before there was the virus and the vaccines, the devil's fingerprints were all over this generation. Ten years ago, who would have dreamed so many people would be covered by tattoos, addicted to violence, unashamed about watching explicit sex scenes, changing their gender (which is impossible to do), and training our children in schools that they are neither boys nor girls until they decide to be?

Friends, we see all around us the evidence of a grand diabolical plan being carried out. When will we realize that unseen forces acting on humanity have built the chaos to this level—and they want to do worse?

Is there mingled seed among us in the land? I believe there is. Even if there isn't, there will be before the end of this age, when the level of demonization will change the face of humanity, quite literally. Lying miracles will abound, treachery and violence will saturate the culture, and we will see for ourselves what it was like in the days of Noah, when evil reached such a crescendo that God wiped out the human race, sparing just eight people. Of course, we know this age will end with the trumpet sound and the coming of our blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, to rule and reign here, seizing all power from the devil and his followers. Then, those of us who stood and fought with Him in this age will rise to rule with Him in positions of power prepared for us before the world began. That is our testimony, and by this and the blood of the Lamb we will overcome everything this age can throw at us—engineered viruses, damaging vaccines, and every lie of men.

We will be like Noah was—"perfect in his generations," brought through great storms to be made champions of righteousness, undefeated and undefeatable, mighty to the tearing down of all demonic strongholds.

This article was excerpted from chapter 8 of Dr. Stella Immanuel's Let America Live!: Mixed Seed and the Coming Days of Noah (Charisma House, 2021).

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