Calling the Joshuas and Josephs to Take Their Place

In previous words that I have published, I have emphasized the importance of understanding the dichotomy of light and darkness, as I find that there is a tendency to emphasize either the glory side of things and the authority given to us or the darkness and the shaking. Scriptures reveal a tension between these two truths.

It is important not to be moved from either of these two concepts. When grappling with one, keeping the other before us will prevent us from becoming unbalanced or deceived. Isaiah 60 prophesies of both coming at the same time! This prophecy is fulfilled in the time when the earth is shaking and in deep travail for the sons of God to make their appearance with the glory of God upon them.

Jesus told us that in the world we would have tribulation. God does not always keep us from trouble. There will come a time when the enemy is allowed to wreak havoc on earth and wear down the saints — a time when faith is tested and proven (Dan. 7:21-22). As noted throughout the Bible, those who serve God walked through many trials, troubles and battles. In times of need when they called on God's help, He sent His Word and His angelic host. When God's will was made clear, the people stood in faith. In times of trouble, God will show forth His great power with signs and wonders. God will be targeting the lost and giving them the opportunity to become saved.

There are things that Jesus said that must happen. In Matthew 24:6 (KJV), He said: "... all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet!" In response, our stance should then be to set our faces and walk through these things with strength, wisdom and courage. As we align ourselves to the will of God, in the purposes of Christ — whatever that may be, we have the authority to decree His Word and His will. More than ever, we need to understand the present dynamic, find our place in it and then take our stand in Christ for righteousness — this means coming to terms with the truth that it may not be pain-free.

In a war, there are battles. We have entered a time of war and there are battles we must fight that we will not be able to pray away. However, the saints will stand and shine in the midst of the shaking. We are being called to be and to reflect the light of Christ in the darkness. God did not keep Paul out of prison, and most of the disciples died terrible deaths and were honored to do so.

In the book of Revelation, the seven letters to the seven churches were given to prepare the church and produce a new breed who would stand during the darkest hour of history. Jesus is very tough in these letters because of His great love for His people and His desire for them to stand strong and not be shaken in the time of trouble. We have been chosen and purposed to live in these times and called to the battle. God believes in us!

Jesus did not run away from the cross—it was His destiny. Daniel did not decree away the Babylonian threat and captivity; he was called to live and reflect God within that social construct. Daniel lived in obedience to God, prayed the will of God and angels attended His words. That is not to say that we ever accept defeat or live with an attitude of surrender. We stand in faith; we fight from positions of victory and continually resist the enemy while trusting God in His higher ways. God moves in perfect understanding of all things on a trajectory toward a specific outcome He has determined—one that may not line up with our ideas.

The two greatest means of survival given to us by God is to align ourselves with the precepts of God in His Word and when we fall into error or miss the mark, we return in true repentance. More than anything, I believe that what God is after is a people who will stand in glorious faith, regardless of circumstances, to declare the goodness of God, the praises of God and the Word of God to humanity — then trust Him with the rest, whatever may come.

The Call for Authentic Apostolic Leadership

On the World Economic Forum's website, in one of their articles, they cite five future trends and long-term effects of the pandemic. One is the building of hubs, or what they call smart communities, where everything is within reach, connected without cars and held together by digital technologies. This may sound wonderful to those who are trying to save the planet and conserve energy, but what they fail to tell you is the Marxist policies that will be implemented and deemed necessary for these hubs to run orderly and efficiently. This, of course, is the globalist's agenda; however, God has His blueprint for smart spiritual kingdom communities. Spiritual communities can only function based on the spiritual principles of Scripture, undergirded by apostolic and prophetic leadership who, in turn, have the cooperation of the community. God-ordained apostolic leadership raised up for the times will be key for receiving God's directions, and His design and construction of a system that works for the provision, protection and safety of His people.

Billions of saints are presently in need of direction; they are falling over the cliff in droves because of leaders who are misinformed, giving dangerous direction or no direction at all. The Bible tells us that if the trumpet does not sound a clear sound, then who will listen? There is a sound that is needed that must come from a God-ordained, apostolic leadership, in the mold of Joshua and raised specifically for these times. We have had a mixture of voices releasing a confusion of ideas and direction. A sound must come forth that is one sound from a council of apostolic leaders who are in union. Through these leaders, a clear sound will be released from heaven that the people will acknowledge as they did with Joshua:

"Whatever you have commanded us we will do, and wherever you send us we will go. Just as we fully obeyed Moses, so we will obey you. Only may the Lord your God be with you as he was with Moses" (Josh. 1:16-17, NIV).

Moses was faithful in all God's house and was called to lead the people out of Egypt into an understanding of the protocols of becoming the people of God. However, Moses was not the leader God called to lead His people into war for the promised land — that leader was Joshua. The present Moses leadership must yield to the will of God and work with Him to commission the Joshua leaders, anointed for the times to arise and take their place. Moses was blessed with the wisdom to pastor the flock of God but Joshua is empowered with an anointing for war to conquer and occupy the promised land. Joshua is called to align with the commander of the army of the Lord for the new season of crossover. It is futile and even dangerous for leaders to try to occupy positions that they have not been fitted or equipped to occupy, especially in a time of war. As it was with Joshua, we are headed on a path we have never taken before. It is a path through turmoil and shaking that will be completed and fulfilled in the promised land of the future millennial reign of Christ.

At this present time, it seems that we are in a crisis of leadership where too many are either silent on crucial issues or caught, for a variety of reasons, in subservience to the New World Order's playbook. The sheep belong to God; they need shepherds who will guard, protect and lead according to the will of God and the Word of God. People are desperate and are looking for those with answers. Too many leaders are compromised, not necessarily deliberately but compromised by fear, personal agendas or presumption. In a critical time when Israel needed strong leadership, God became very angry with the shepherds who were compromised at that time. He sent a strong word to these shepherds that they would be held accountable for His sheep and would lead them Himself ...Continue reading

Faith Marie Baczko is the president of Headstone Ministries International — a ministry that is rich and robust in the purposes and plans of God. She is a prophetic teacher and author, bringing significant revelation to mobilize, equip and strengthen the body of Christ for this momentous hour of history. Faith is an international speaker and has garnered enduring relationships with leaders united in a passion for truth and enduring revival. Faith is an author of several books; her latest release is available on Amazon: A Rising Called For! You can also purchase The Arising Army of God from Amazon. Tune into her weekly podcast, The Sound of the Trumpet, available on and also Charisma Podcast Network. Support this ministry through this link or contact her through

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