The Unexpected Legacy of the Homosexuality Movement

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The legacy of the homosexual movement is a legacy of extremism. In the end, it reduces morality, impoverishes nations, invades privacy, and puts children at risk.

A Legacy of Extremism

Practitioners of the homosexual agenda have extreme reactions against those who disagree with them. Disapproval is not called "disagreement" but "hate." Dissenters are not "resistors" but "homophobes." Their extremism intends to ignite fear in those with other ideas and shame weak-willed souls into accepting the movement's contradictions and delusions.

Purveyors of homosexuality are extreme in the function of sex itself. Living without sex is not life-threatening. Utilizing sex organs is an act of the will based on desire, not a life-sustaining necessity. People can control their sexual appetites or inflame them. To treat acts of sex as necessities is extremism.

Medical doctors are part of the extremist legacy. Psychiatrists have removed "religious taboos" to redefine intimacy, family and culture so we accept what is truly bizarre as merely "different." Therapists help homosexuals feel good about choices and help their families convert shame to a celebration of brazenness. Surgeons cosmetically alter bodies based on gender preference. However, because nature refuses such changes, an endless stream of medications are required to sustain the pretense.

The Legacy of Protectionism

Financial costs for this new "protected" group in now a governmental legacy based on "doing" not "being." Now, people may "try" homosexuality just to cash in on benefits. After their choice is a matter of record, if their sexual desires change, they can still enjoy the benefits. Who will police the bedrooms for the kind of sex occurring? How many homosexual encounters must one have to remain qualified for homosexual benefits? A nation that puts such a burden upon its citizens because a select group wants to practice certain sex acts is troublesome, but for a nation as great as the United States, it is embarrassing.

The homosexual legacy extends even further. Homosexuality's only distinction is to have sex differently in order to satisfy sexual urges. How is that different from rapists and pedophiles? Aren't their actions "preferential" and "alternative"? These sex acts are all choices based on inner passions and deviant appetites. Are they all "born this way," or incapable of suppressing such urges? Members of the North American Man Boy Love Association believe it is their "right" to satisfy bizarre appetites at the expense of children.

How can we justify the government sanctioning and financing one minority group's sexual appetites and not pave the way for other sexual anomalists to demand the same "rights"?

The Legacy in Our Children

Perhaps the worst of this extremist legacy is seen in public schools that use our children as lab experiments. Young children are presented material and asked to declare their sexual orientation before they even know what sex is. A kindergarten boy or first-grade girl is not ready to determine their choices for how to perform sex. Yet to win or keep the approval of educators, children make claims they know nothing about.

Promoters of this practice recklessly throw our next generation into the fire just to win cultural battles. Elementary school students are brainwashed to imagine and choose a life path that is not yet awakened in them anywhere outside the classroom.

This promotion of philosophies and values that are alien to human nature smacks of juvenile entrapment and amounts to psychological pedophilia. Although no physical touching happens, youngsters' minds are aroused and manipulated by the very adults hired to educate them. If physical sexuality with a child is a crime, how is mental and emotional manipulation of future sexuality considered legal?

Our children are already at risk simply by going into a public bathroom. Today, any person can enter any restroom. A parent or guardian never knows who is in the room with our children. Heterosexual privacy is a thing of the past. The perceived benefit for a few has reduced everyone's privacy and potentially endangered children.

Our Duty Is to End This Legacy

Societies are responsible to protect citizens from threats and at-risk behaviors. The financial tab for monetizing today's at-risk behavior will continually grow. No longer are citizens responsible to bear the burden of their own activities. We will all bear the burden of expensive medical treatments and fraudulent claims for deviant actions, not conditions, which cannot be verified because they are performed in private.

We have seen the extremism of the homosexual legacy carry shame, expense and confusion. Now it is veering our society to bear the costs for a quagmire of regulations, medications, fraud and unforeseen issues, as well as the victimization of our children. What a legacy.

Dr. Paula A. Price is a speaker, author, talk show host, inventor, educator, executive coach and minister known for empowering her audiences to "think differently and live powerfully. Dr. Price currently manages her own consulting firm and assessment company, is the author of over 50 books and manuals, including The Prophet's Dictionary, serves as the president of Price University, the host of her own television program, Taking IT on with Paula Price and oversees The Congregation of the Mighty in Bixby, Oklahoma.

Dr. Price has a D.Min. and a Ph.D. in Religious Education from Word of Truth Seminary in Alabama. She is also a wife, mother of three daughters and grandmother of two.

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