Pastor: Why the Spirit of Poverty Doesn't Just Attack Your Money

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Pastor Dennis Funderburg says that a spirit of poverty manifests itself when we accept limitations. It doesn't necessarily have to do with money, he says.

"A poverty spirit keeps you trapped in a lower form of being," Funderburg says. "Basically, a poverty spirit's job is to keep you in the lower levels of who you're called to be. It keeps you from living an ascended lifestyle. Poverty isn't about economical lack. It's about the accepting of lack.

"So there can be a poverty of imagination. There can be a poverty of courage. There can be a poverty of personal perception, how you view yourself, or a poverty of the will. ... Whenever we begin to put limitations, whenever we start accepting limitations, we put ourselves in a box or we put God in a box."

One key to breaking off a spirit of poverty is by becoming more generous, Funderburg says on the Jesus Is Still Jesus podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. However, we have to be careful that what we're asking from God is for the purpose of giving Him glory. We have to ensure that we're not becoming materialistic or desiring praise from people, Funderburg says.

"To me, this isn't a name it, claim it kind of faith," Funderburg says. "This is through my intimacy with God, through my love with Jesus, my relationship with Him. I accept His promises ... allowing my character, my humility, my discipline and my patience to be subjected to God's will.

"So many times, we ask for things we want from God, but it's not necessarily going to help us for a godly life. And that's why if you name and claim it for a Lamborghini, I'm not saying the Lamborghini is bad—but if that's all you're after, if that's the intent of your heart, is it actually going to help you live a godly life? When we become so focused on wanting to please Jesus and wanting to fulfill our calling, and we take the actual steps of faith to do it, that is where we're going to find provision; that is where poverty will not ever, ever be able to touch."

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