Ex-New Age Blogger Warns Members of the Occult Forming New World Order Prophesied in Daniel

It's time you see the light.
It's time you see the light. (Public Domain)

Former New Age blogger Steven Bancarz says the new world order Daniel predicted is alive—in the occult realm.

Bancarz identified a type of awakening where a person realizes the evil he or she is part of: 

The fourth awakening is realizing that a false peace, a New World order and one world government/religion under spiritual idolatry and a reemergence of the mystery school beliefs and practices of Babylon [were] predicted in the book of Daniel and Revelation thousands of years ago. That Jesus warned of this specifically.
There are many people who don't mess with New Age beliefs because they know that it's the exact same stuff the Illuminati (Illuminated ones) and Masons believe. The New Age is the religion of the New World order, it's the religion of the Illuminati, the religion of the Masons. It starts with ancient Egypt, then Babylon, then up through the ages with mysticism and theosophy, and it gets mishmashed together and diluted a little bit to give us the religion of the New Age.
And the irony is that as those who began to dabble in the occult are conditioned to view themselves as "awake," they are actually stepping deeper into the beliefs and values of the very NWO they believe they are opposed to.

Bancarz says he initially slipped down the rabbit hole of New Age when he was in high school. 

Since his salvation in 2016, however, Bancarz is out to expose the very real demonic influence over the occult.

He writes: 

New Ageism is not an awakening! It is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy of a one world religion, a emergence of Babylonian idolatries and a false peace under the rule of the Antichrist who the New Age will praise as being the one who finally unites humanity.
The last awakening is realizing that it all points to Christ. It all seems to be centered around explaining Christ away, making him to be someone he isn't, silencing Christ or diluting Christ. He holds the authority in the spirit, his name has stood the test of time, the evidence for the resurrection is there, the NDE and paranormal testimonies are there.
Jesus is real, and we live in a world clearly run by his spiritual enemy. This is when things actually start making sense for the first time. This is when things actually become consistent, and we don't have to wrestle with the fact that all the ancient cultures we believe had secret knowledge practiced blood sacrifice, or that we believe what the elites believe or what the masons believe. It's when we can finally rest in intellectual and spiritual integrity.
Notice how the same websites that talk about "spiritual awakening" and the "New Age" are the same ones that are quickest to spread misinformation about the historical Jesus, the Bible or Christian history. It is uncanny.
"Here is how you awaken. Here is the truth about God and the afterlife. Here is the truth about enlightenment, and the wisdom of the ancients that we have forgotten. Just ignore the fact that the Illuminati believe what we believe and use the same symbolism. By the way, Jesus never existed. By the way, Jesus was a prophet teaching us the inner path to God. By the way, Jesus was just an ascended master who taught mysticism. Don't believe history; history has been corrupted. Just trust me that Jesus isn't real and history got it wrong."
The New Age beliefs go hand in hand with a one-world religion, which goes hand in hand with denying Christ. It all comes back to him because he is Lord, and this is a time of deception to turn as many away from Him as possible. And as biblical prophecy continues to be fulfilled, the deceptions will get more intricate and severe. Please do not be fooled by this stuff.

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