Missiles and Drones Devastate the Land That Jesus Walked

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The ministry of Jesus included a significant amount of time in Galilee. Galilee was a region in northern Israel, and it served as the primary setting for much of Jesus’ public ministry. The events that took place there are cornerstones of the gospel message in the power of the Father who is in Christ, as […]

Flag of Israel flying with red sky behind it.

Americans Are Cheering for Terrorists? The World Is Upside Down


On Sunday morning of this week Iran launched more than 300 rockets and drones to destroy Israel. But Israeli forces intercepted 99% of the weapons—and an ominous silence fell on the region as Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu weighed his options about when and how to retaliate. In times past, the United States would have offered


12,000 Souls Baptized Reporting ‘a Personal Encounter with Christ’


More than 12,000 people were baptized in France on Easter Sunday—a record number for the country where about 50% of the people say they do not believe in God. The French Bishops Conference reports that despite the acceleration of “de-Christianization,” there has been a rise in requests for baptism in the Catholic Church within the


Temple Institute Doubles Down on Rebuilding of Third Temple


In the wake of Iran’s missile and drone launches against Israel, devout Jews have double-downed on their belief and dedication to the rebuilding of the Third Temple. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has generated a lot of attention to when it comes to the rebuilding of the temple. From the discussion of the red heifer

Vladimir Putin and Iran Flag

Is this the Fulfillment of the Bear, Dragon and Lion Prophecy?


Back in January, Dutch Sheets gave a prophetic word about the rise of “the dragon, bear and lion” for 2024. Now, it would appear that this prophecy could be playing out right in front of us. “The dragon, the bear and the lion, that would be Russia, China and Iran will continue their attempts to

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Unexplained Weather Forecast: Are Aliens to Blame?


Did UFOs cause a strange weather phenomenon? Alien enthusiasts are going wild over the possibility of UFOs causing massive 80-foot waves off of the coast of Africa. As Fox News reported, a weather model showed a massive “error,” which portrayed a system with 80-foot waves the size of Texas moving along Africa’s coastline. This led

Pastor Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie: Iran’s Attack a Sign of the End Times


The unprecedented attack on Israel by the nation of Iran that consisted of over 300 suicide drones, missiles and rockets has set the world on edge, wondering if this may be the start of something much bigger. Greg Laurie, Senior Pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, says that while he does not believe the recent eclipse

Ambulance and stretcher at night.

Christian Leader, Worshippers Attacked During Service’s Livestream


Warning Graphic Content Sydney, Australia, just suffered its second stabbing attack mere days after six people were killed at a local mall. On the evening of Apr. 15, a suspected radical Islamist attacked Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, leader of Wakeley’s Christ the Good Shepherd Church, an Assyrian Orthodox church. Bishop Mar Mari has a large

President Joe Biden

Arsonists in the White House


I made it a point not to go to sleep last night, knowing what was coming from Iran. After Shabbat with my son’s pre-army program, we heard news of the instructions from Israel’s Homefront Command that for the next two days all schools would be closed, there were to be no gatherings of more than

Pascal Sleiman and his family.

Wars and Rumors of War: Christian Leader Murdered in Political Assassination


JERUSALEM and south LEBANON – Christian-Muslim tensions in Lebanon have erupted after the murder of well-known Christian politician Pascal Sleiman. Given his fierce opposition to Hezbollah, Lebanese Christians are worried for their safety as the terror group’s intimidation grows. A Syrian gang is believed to have kidnapped and murdered Sleiman, a strong believer and senior

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