China's Genocidal War on Faith Advances as the World Turns a Deaf Ear

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Mug shots, taken from Chinese police files, show some of the millions of Uyghurs who have been held in at least 1200 Chinese concentration camps.

Their crimes? They may have relatives in other countries, or they made the mistake of applying for a passport. They may have had more than three children. They might be seen as too religious, or they have been declared "untrustworthy." This has been happening for years in the western Chinese province of Xinjiang, and the world has done almost nothing to stop it.

China's Methods: Gang Rapes and Torture

Tursunay Ziyawundun, a Uyghur, was imprisoned by the Chinese for visiting her family in nearby Kazakhstan. She told us, "Our cell was four square meters, and there were more than 20 people. And there was only one bucket to be used as a toilet. At night, they would take out some people, especially some young girls for interrogation. And we could hear their screaming. Some of the girls would bleed very badly. One woman had bite marks all over her body. And sometimes they would die because of the bleeding."

Tursunay was gang raped by prison guards and tortured with electric shocks to her genitals. Other prisoners face forced sterilization, slave labor and brainwashing. Prisoners are regularly killed so their organs can be harvested.

"Everyone, literally every single prisoner, was subject to an organ examination. And after the examination, some people were put on a bus and taken somewhere else," Tursunay said.

Xinjiang: An Orwellian World of Total Surveillance

Those outside the camps live in an Orwellian world of constant surveillance. Every home has a QR code at the entrance, so police know who is inside, and an app turned on is required for phones and records everything people do.

Chinese police use an app that tells them everything about the person they are questioning, from their blood type to how much electricity they use. The app asks the officer if the person's reaction to being questioned was "normal" or "abnormal," and if the person "requires further investigation."

All Faiths Are Targeted

China is using every tool at its disposal in its war on faith. All faiths. Anything that might compete with the communist state.

Beijing is also imprisoning huge numbers of Falun Gong members, a Buddhist sect, and house church Christians.

Former President Trump's Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback said, "Christians are arrested. Pastors are put in jail. Whole congregations are forced to go underground. The Uyghurs, even if you're not in the concentration camp, you've got a camera for every other person. You've got a police station or kind of way station every 50 yards in the major cities. People are tracked constantly. They've taken genetic sampling of everybody. They've got facial recognition systems, and if you are an observant Muslim, you're targeted, and your family is targeted as well."

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