Signs, Wonders, Miracles: God Grants Healing, Salvation in Response to Prayers for Ukraine

Eyewitnesses in Ukraine report God is moving in miraculous ways. Stories are flooding into Intercessors for America from our contacts in Ukraine. Let them encourage your faith and direct your prayers.

I spoke with a missionary we are calling Yelena. She has asked for her identity to be protected as she works in Ukraine and Eastern Europe right now. Yelena was born in the Soviet Union in the area that would eventually become Ukraine. She moved to America at the age of 11 and later received the Lord Jesus as Savior.

Two weeks ago when Russia invaded Ukraine, she saw the opportunity to return to Ukraine to offer humanitarian aid. She and a team of four others went to Lviv and began establishing connections with the local Ukrainian church. "The goal was not only to provide aid and necessities, but to provide people with Jesus Christ," Yelena said.

God Granted Organizational Favor

When asked what God was doing in Ukraine, Yelena mentioned how the team has been favored greatly by God, especially at the border on the Ukrainian side. The team was established quickly without having to wait in line (some organizations have waited up to two days). They had a way in and out. A tent was quickly set up. A separate team did shopping for whatever was needed and made a list. They had no problems gaining access to the other side and got whatever they asked for. They were able to distribute blankets, food, hot tea and preach the gospel, all within 24 hours.

God Is Blessing the Christians at Work in Ukraine With Unity

The teams have connected with many local pastors in Lviv. They all work together in many aspects and share with one another. Yelena told IFA, "We are activating [the Church] in evangelism. We provide tents and tables, and money for speakers."

God Is Enabling the Church to Demonstrate His Power in Signs and Wonders

A man who walked with a cane was listening to the preaching. He said, "I don't believe what you're saying." He agreed to receive prayer anyway. He was healed instantly! Not only did he no longer need his cane, but also as a bonus, God healed his vision. Then they introduced the man to the one who healed him: Jesus Christ.

Another time Yelena saw a young girl in line with refugees to cross the border in Ukraine. There was open air preaching nearby that everyone in line could hear. She did not accept Jesus at first. Then, someone had words of knowledge and she witnessed healings and miracles taking place. She saw backs, knees and headaches healed. Then, she experienced healing and wanted to receive Jesus as Lord. Yelena emphasized the importance of this, saying, "We don't just stop at healing. It's important for the people to know who is the one who heals them."

Yelena is absolutely right. Physical healing is not an end. It opens the door to share God's love and the gospel.

In the beginning, much of the evangelism was one on one. Now they evangelize on a greater scale in buses. In two weeks over 4,000 people have given their lives to Jesus. Young, old, refugees, soldiers—there is no one beyond God's reach.

You can watch the bus evangelism in this video clip.

God Used the Ministry Team to Rescue Women From Traffickers

Many human traffickers are using this great tragedy as a cover to steal vulnerable women and children who are alone and seeking refuge. They look for women and children who are alone and offer them "rides."

Thankfully, team members have been able to spot traffickers right away by discernment. At least five traffickers have been arrested. A woman refugee was saved on the Polish side of the border. Earlier, Yelena's ministry team had given this young woman their phone number. She noticed the bus driver in Poland rerouted 30 minutes prior to the destination in Germany. The driver took her and the entire bus of 35 people to an old abandoned building where there was film equipment. She knew this meant trafficking. She called the team member at 1:00 a.m. They were able to contact authorities and tracked the traffickers. Who knows what would've become of those people, if the team member hadn't shared contact information?

Prayer Needs From the Ground in Ukraine

Yelena shared these prayer requests, and we ask you to join us in praying:

— Pray for healing and recovery of team members so that the mission will continue. They are not used to the freezing temperatures (Ps. 41:1-3).

— Pray for direction and wisdom as they expand into Moldova, Romania, and different places accepting refugees (Ps. 32:8).

— Pray for the local churches in Ukraine to be firmly established. When the teams leave, for the churches to continue to serve the people and share Jesus (1 Cor. 15:58).

— Pray for the people who have been traumatized by the bombings, sirens and losing everything. Pray for freedom from panic, anxiety and fear (Ps. 94:19).

— Pray for the men who have been left behind and families who have been separated (Eph. 3:14,15).

— Pray for resources to reach the hot spots such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia, Irpin, Bucha, Cherkasy and Dniprio. These spots are not easy to get into (Isa. 43:19).

— Cover the ministry teams in prayer and ask for God's protection (Ps. 91).

— Pray that God would continue to highlight the vulnerable women and children and uncover more trafficking attempts (Ps. 82:3,4).

Hearing this team and what they've accomplished in spite of what they have seen moved my heart to pray more. This is the kingdom of God! This is the Great Commission! Prayer increasing, unity in the body of Christ, thousands being saved in the midst of turmoil. That sure sounds like revival to me. I would love to hear more of these stories happening here in America!

Will You Continue to Pray for Ukraine and America, Believing That Nothing Is Too Hard for God?

Lord, we thank You for what You are doing in Ukraine and the favor You have poured out. We pray that You would cover ministry teams with Your presence. Bless the work of their hands as they reach out to the poor and needy and share the gospel, sowing hope to the hopeless. Impart Your strength and stretch out Your hands with signs and wonders through the name of Jesus Christ. We pray for continual favor over the leaders, team members and local churches so the gospel can go forth. We pray for favor so the resources can reach the spots where they are desperately needed. Move over the hearts of the people who would try and stop the aid from going through. Make a way where there is no way.

We thank You for your gift of discernment and ask for an increase of discernment to uncover traps set by the enemy to exploit the hurting.

We pray that even traffickers would fall under the conviction and power of the Holy Spirit and repent of their wicked ways and encounter Jesus Christ.

We pray that You would guide these teams with Your presence as they head out and seek to expand. Show them the way they should go. Connect them with the right people to advance the gospel message. In Jesus' name, Amen.

"'Now, Lord, look on their threats and grant that Your servants may speak Your word with great boldness,by stretching out Your hand to heal and that signs and wonders may be performed in the name of Your holy Son Jesus.' When they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God with boldness" (Acts 4:29-33).

Are you encouraged by reading what God is doing? Share this with a friend who needs encouragement that God is at work in Ukraine!

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