Prophetic Mandate Prompts Global Revival Movement

In 2018, the Lord gave Pastor Cyril Rayan a clear, prophetic mandate about revival for America, stemming from Genesis 26:18, which says, "Isaac dug again the wells of water, which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father, for the Philistines had stopped them up after the death of Abraham. He called their names after the names his father had called them."

The Scripture in Genesis is a perfect comparison to what is happening in America at this very moment, Rayan says. Much like the Philistines, the enemy is doing everything in his power culturally and spiritually to "stop up the wells of revival" and to continue to stifle the church from bringing an awakening that is need in America now more than ever.

It has what has prompted Rayan, co-founder along with his wife, Jemima, of The Blessing Church, an Assemblies of God Church in San Jose, California, to spark a movement called Redigging the Wells of Revival. The highlight of this movement will take place worldwide on Sept. 11, 2021—the 20th anniversary of 9/11—in an attempt to connect kingdom people and to gather God's people to fast and pray and to cry out with desperation and expectation.

Many, like Rayan, will gather in Los Angeles at the site of the Azusa Street Revival on that day, as well as in many other sites around the country and the world for this crucial event for the kingdom. Renowned Evangelist Lou Engle, who has partnered with Rayan's the Potter's Ministries, will present a video message on a day when he will be headed back to the United States from Israel.

Also joining the prayer session at the Azusa Street Revival site on Sept. 11 will be worship artist John Stratton, Pastors William and Mary Arbelaez of Shekinah Ministries; Romando and Marcia Matthews of Ekballo Pasadena; Jeff and Micha Jennings, founders of the Tree of Life House of Prayer' Men for Nations Heartland Director Randy Powell; Rev. Ramdat Sarran, Director of Global Revival Movement; Wade Siemens, Board Director of Ark Ministries; and apostle Fred Berry and Wilma Berry.

The culture in America has drifted to one that is anti-God, anti-Bible and has become a place of darkness, Rayan says. Racism, hatred, rage. Homosexuality and division in the culture and the church have become rampant. The COVID-19 issue has not only divided the country, but it has consumed it to the point where God's agenda has become secondary to masks and vaccines.

Rayan says it's time right now for the church to put a stop to it and make an ardent stand for Christ.

"The situation we see right now is that the revival wells have been stopped up by the enemy," Rayan says. "We must become Isaacs. In October of 2018 after a conference in San Jose that we must redig the wells of revival. In 2019, we hosted a gathering at the site of Azusa Revival. There was one more gathering in New Jersey where George Whitefield has spoken during the first Great Awakening. In 2020, even through COVID, we had a conference because the Lord wanted us to cast the vision nationally, so we did it with 27 states hosting. In 2021, the Lord told us to cast the vision globally. So, that is what we did precisely.

"We now have probably 85 to 90 sites that have signed up to join us online with 27 to 30 nations involved already," he adds. "There is more momentum building."

On Sept. 11, at 3 p.m. ET (Noon PT, in Los Angeles), Rayan says there will be a global connect hour of prayer beginning in Jerusalem at the site where the apostle Peter preached to the 3,000 after the day of Pentecost. From there, it will go to Yale University in America where the second Great Awakening started and also from Jonathan Edwards' church where he preached his famous sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." Prayer will also emanate from Plymouth Rock, where the Pilgrims landed in 1620, as well as from a major site of revival in 1975 in Bolivia.

"It's going to be an amazing time of global connect to pray for global revival," Rayan says. "We are definitely in a crisis as we can agree, and the only solution is a move of God. With such a global crisis, there really isn't anything else that can be done. But it's a great solution.

"My view is the world does not stop revival, the church does," he says. "That means we can take responsibility; we can gather the remnants, and it doesn't matter what the enemy is doing. We need to do the right things. We need to live by 2 Chronicles 7:14. We need to be praying with agonizing prayer, fearful prayer, sacrificial prayer, and desperate and expectant prayer for revival. If we do that, we will see it."

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