Prophetic Message: God's Children Must Raise Up an Altar of Worship


cRecently I received a telephone call from Marta Segura, a prophetic intercessor in Argentina. She was weeping under the anointing as the Lord had given her a word for me, and He gave her orders to call me with it: "Te necesito levantarme un altar de adoración. Te bendigo."

Thankfully, my Spanish is still good enough that I understood the message from the Lord: "I need you to raise Me up an altar of worship. I bless you."

While still praying into what was on the Lord's heart with this message, I reached out to share it with a number of people in the U.S., Canada, India, Japan, Congo, South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria, Haiti and Argentina. The responses were either, "Yes, we will join you," or "the Lord had spoken to us to do the same thing, so we are already doing it!"

The Lord is up to something in preparation for the outpouring of His Spirit upon all flesh! "Praise the Lord, all you nations! Exalt Him, all you peoples!" (Ps. 117:1)

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I was recently reading Anna Rountree's book, The Priestly Bride (now published in tandem with her first book under the title, Heaven Awaits the Bride. You can get it in our bookstore). In it she describes how she was riding with Jesus on something like a fiery Ferris wheel, and the flames were thousands of fiery seraphim. As they rode it, the seraphim sang a song of the purest, ardent worship to the Lord. The more they sang, the more light poured through Jesus' skin.

When she commented about it, Jesus replied, "Light does pass through My skin." He said. "But Anna, light can pass through your skin, for those who draw near to Me are lightbearers. The nearer they come, the more light passes through their skin to others."

She remembered Moses and the solitary, separated life he lived with God, and how he had to cover his face because of the light that was generated by his time spent with God. Jesus explained to her, "There is a separation that occurs, Anna. As one draws closer to God, there is a burning away of the dimness over the eyes of the mind and the heart. For these the world loses its luster. The ingenuity of mankind becomes a passing spectacle that only causes the person to turn back to God. When the true comes, that which is but a copy, but a reworked speck of a magnificent whole, cannot hold that person's interest. God alone can capture their spirits, hearts, souls and bodies."

Then Jesus began to praise the Father. In response, the seraphim burned more brightly. "Oh, incomparable Father, who or what is like You? The vast universe is held in existence by the might of Your power. Each hair is numbered because of Your tender compassion. Who is like You, Father? How awesome in majesty! How faithful in covenant! Unsurpassed in beauty! Blessed are those who draw near to You. Blessed are those who dwell in You. They will forever praise You and minister to You the desires of Your heart—love undivided, burning in the zeal of holiness, suitable for God alone. And those who draw near, those who enter, they will never go out again."

He became pure worship before her eyes, glowing with "laser-white light." The intensity of His worship came because of His intimate understanding and relationship with His Father.

Being in His presence while He experienced and became worship, Anna's zeal and passion for the Lord also increased.

I share that to express how one person or group worshipping will light up worship in others. We have been given a directive from heaven. It's not a request. God said that He needs us to raise up this altar of worship, and it's not something that just one person can do by himself or herself. The synergy of worship that is created by a corporate body worshipping together is greater than the sum of the worship of the individuals participating.

As that worship ascends to heaven, the angels and saints can add to it so that it becomes even greater before it reaches the throne of our Father. Will you help us raise up that altar?

Sharon Buss, president of End-Time Handmaidens Inc., has served at the headquarters in Engeltal since 1977. Her vision for revival in the nations and bringing in the final end-time harvest should encourage us all to be equipped, prepared and ready to "just obey God." Sharon has written two books: her life story, Take the Lid Off, and a devotional, In Quietness and Confidence, Keys to Overcoming.

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