Jim Garlow: Why Britain Refuses to Acknowledge a Radical Islamist Was Behind Friday's Deadly London Bridge Attack

The shadow of a commuter is photographed next to a nameplate at the scene of a fatal attack on London Bridge in London, Britain Dec. 2, 2019. (Reuters)

Two people were killed and at least three others injured in a stabbing attack on London Bridge Friday.

Police have identified the suspect as 28-year-old Usman Khan. Khan was convicted of terrorism in 2012 for working with al-Qaida to plan a bomb attack and build a training camp for terrorists in Pakistan. He was released from prison last year.

Dr. Jim Garlow, a Christian cultural commentator and former senior pastor of Skyline Church, says the U.K. refuses to acknowledge that the culprit behind Friday's attack was an Islamist.

Read the commentary he posted on Facebook in full below:

Here is new version :

Read this carefully.
We are in Europe. News here is filled with the story of Usman Khan stabbing and killing two people near the London Bridge a couple days ago. British are baffled how this could have happened.

They do not mention the words "Islam" or "Muslim" or the "Koran" in the news reports and discussions, and if someone does, they pile on that person, saying they won't tolerate anti-Semitism or Islamaphobia. (I am not making this up!)

Minor error on their part: No one is claiming a Jew did this, because Jews are not stabbing & blowing people up. So no need to bring up anti-Semitism. We all understand anti-Semitism is sin.

Londoners, including their Muslim mayor - with their Sharia-controlled areas - just can't figure out what happened.

Here is a clue: It wasn't a Hindu. It wasn't a Buddhist. It wasn't a Confucianist. It wasn't a Jew. It wasn't a Christian. It wasn't a Sikh. It wasn't a neopagan earth religionist. It was a .... (bleep - we can't say that word).

I have just attended for three days - with about 100 speakers - here in Budapest Hungary - one of the world's top conferences on religious persecution - my fifth major conference on the topic. (Even the politically correct speakers acknowledged that when Muslims are persecuted, it is done by other Muslims - with a few exceptions, the most notable the Chinese governmental thugs who are torturing so many).

Did I mention that the British authorities just can't figure out how this happened? Oh ... and there's more. Usman Khan was convicted of terrorism in 2012 but ... (hold your breath) ... was released! Before his sentence was served! Khan was one of 74 Islamic terrorists released early, meaning that governmental officials failed to do the main things governmental authorities are supposed to do: protect the citizenry and punish evil.

But the Brits just can't figure out what happened. You see, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader, Khan and 73 others were released - but if you mention that, you get slammed. (I am not making this up. I have watched the news reports and discussions.)
And Corbyn today in an interview took no responsibility and would not acknowledge that releasing Khan was wrong!

(And by the way, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets it, because conservatives have an understanding that there is evil in the world, and it has to be dealt with, a construct that liberals/progressives simply cannot grasp. One cannot stop evil if one does think evil exists.)

Yes, I know that most Muslims are moderate. In fact, the only Muslims I want to know are moderate. No one knows what percentage of Muslims are radicalized. Some have suggested 15%. Fifteen percent of 1.9 billion is 285 million. That is 285 million too many.

And while we're at it, let's distinguish between "Muslims" as people, and Islam as a philosophy. God loves all people - including Muslims, so it is not necessary to lecture us on this fact. Jesus died for all - including Muslims. We get it.

But let's not act like Islam is "the religion of peace." It isn't. And it is more than a "religion." It's political philosophy is producing torture, rape and murder all over the globe. "In order for Islam to have full religious freedom, this means that it needs to have Sharia law and crush all other religions underfoot," said a highly informed terror expert this week at the Budapest conference.

But the Brits just don't know how this could have occurred. And did I mention that since 9/11, there have been 35,994 deadly terror attacks carried out by ... lets see ... Hindus? Nope. Buddhists? Nope. Confucianists? Nope. Jews? Nope. Christians? Nope. Sikhs? Nope. Neopagan earth religionists? Nope. Then who? We are not allowed to say, because that would be Islamaphobic. Or they might use the even more sophisticated and dreaded "xenophobia" word to describe you.

So the authorities and news outlets won't mention the M-word or the I-word, so I won't. But if I did, it would not be racial profiling. It would not be ethnic profiling. It would not religion profiling. But it would be "terror profiling." And it would be common sense. And if UK leaders did it, they would save lives in the future.

You see, if government authorities who are supposed to be protecting the public would be allowed to "terror profile," which is common sense, the airport based TSA would stop treating and frisking my 98 year old, Kansas farm-wife, widowed mother in the exact same way as they do a 22 year old bearded Muslim male from Saudi Arabia who has a one way ticket and who has something bulky strapped around his waste under his black overcoat that he is wearing on a hot August day, who keeps looking around nervously. But no, if he was treated differently than my nearly century-old mother, the politically correct (aka terroristically ignorant) crowd would scream "discrimination," and we wouldn't want our law enforcement to be able to use common sense, now, would we?

Meanwhile, back to the UK. In London, with its Sharia-controlled areas and "no police go" areas... well... did I mention that the Brits just don't know how this happened? Two more people just lost their lives. Stabbed. In London. They are dead. Their families will never be the same.

I have listened to some of the now-dead Jack Merritt's friends go on camera, smiling pleasantly, while prattling on and on about how Jack would want people to respond. You see, Khan was in a class for reformed former prisoners - with emphasis on "reformed" - that Jack was teaching. Don't give me the nicey-nice talks. Merritt was butchered, which would have had horrific pain. He was repeatedly stabbed. This is not a time for pleasantries, unless...unless you want the senseless killing to continue.

And I don't want to hear one more government official laud the normal citizens who brought down the attacker. These citizens are having to use bare hands, and in this case a fire extinguisher, to subdue an Islamic Jihadist because you, elected or appointed officials, would not label the Jihadists as Jihadists and deal with them properly. So citizens have to try to to subdue a known Islamic terrorist you officials let out without serving a full sentence, and now two are dead and three are in the hospital. Stop proclaiming the bravery of others when your lack of the same created this situation. And these injuries. And these deaths. When you release a known Islamic terrorist without the sentence being served, the blood is on your - yes your - hands. You should be tried for murder, because that is what your actions caused.

I was in Israel when an Arab Palestinian Muslim shot Rabbi Yehuda Glick in the chest point blank four times in October of 2014. We were staying in the hotel across the street. Miraculously Glick survived. I have been told of the ten assassination attempts in recent Israeli history, Glick is the first to survive.

We were standing on the street hours later when the emergency military-type equipment flew by. The perpetrator was euphemistically "taken out" very soon where he discovered that 72 virgins were, in fact, not awaiting him! (Ironically we happened to be in the Israeli Parliament a year later when Rabbi Glick would become a Member of the Knesset. And he would later become a close friend and now leads the Schindler Society Bible [Torah] Study which we co-sponsor in the Knesset.)

The Israelis have a method for dealing with the fact that terrorist's families are financially rewarded by the Palestinian Authority if their family member kills a Jew. The Israelis bulldoze down their family's house. You will not be surprised to learn that that can be a rather effective deterrent. And contrary to the wimpyness of the program's lame critics, it works.

The politically correct screamed when Israel put up a wall. However Arab suicide bombers and Palestinian car jackers decreased by 99%! Hmmm. Can it be that a wall works? Yes.

I recently heard the inane suggestion that what was needed to deter the would-be Islamic Jihadists are dialogue, converstion, education and jobs. Try telling the dead bodies of Iraqui Chaldean Catholic Christians in Mosul (Nineveh) that they needed conversation and dialogue with ISIS. And what about education and jobs? The 19 hijackers who killed 3,000 on 9/11 were highly educated and had good jobs.

Tragically, more will be killed. Many more. The same way. Why? Because the Brits - and leaders of nations as well - just can't figure out how this happened.

And even worse, it isn't just the UK. So many governmental leaders - including many in the US and Western Europe - act the same irresponsible way.

Not Israel though. They "get it." Not Hungary. They too "get it," and are castigated by all the intellectual elitists sophisticates across much of Western Europe who don't grasp the gravity of the problem.

And you and I better not tell them or we would be accused of being I _ _ _ _aphobes. And we don't want to be accused of that.

And the politically correct deniers of evil, when they read this, will freak out and label this hate speech when, in reality, all I want to do is to help prevent more persons from being stabbed to death.

And the objections won't come merely from left-wing progressives. It will even come from some pseudo (so called) "evangelicals" who feel that honesty on this topic is "toxic" and too strident. No backbone!

If leaders like this would have been in charge during WWII, America would have succumb to the Nazis.

Where are the Harry Trumans? Where are the General Pattons? Where are the Winston Churchills these days? Why do we have so many Neville Chamberlains?

US President Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales and Brazilian President Yair Balsonaro give bold and courageous leadership. But they are under horrendous attacks by the naive and the spineless.

No, this is not hate speech. In reality, all people like us want is for would-be killers to be stopped and people not to be stabbed to death. Real hate speech is talk that prolongs the killings. Those of us who want to address the problems straightforwardly are participating in "love speech." We love people so much we don't want them to be killed.

It the above verbiage sounds strange to you, it is because it is truth and truth is in short supply these days, thus no longer recognizable.

But we will not say anything. And in the meantime, did I mention that the Brits - and leaders in other nations as well - will be wringing their hands, trying to understand how this could have happened?

In the meantime, somewhere on the earth are some people who this day will be slaughtered. By the same global group. But we won't talk about who did it. And we won't talk about the religious texts that they use to justify the killing. And more will die. Many more.

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