Faith Leaders Sound Off on What Syrian Missile Strikes Mean For Our Future as Believers

Navy ships fire missiles at a Syrian base.
Navy ships fire missiles at a Syrian base. (Reuters)
U.S. President Donald Trump ordered two U.S. Navy destroyers launched nearly 60 cruise missiles at a Syrian Air Force base. 

It is believed officials at this very base launched a devastating chemical attack against their own people. 

As the world deals with the aftermath, faith leaders sound off on what this attack could mean for our future as Americans—and Christians.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Council: 

While we at the NHCLC are extremely reluctant to endorse the use of America's military might to solve international disputes, the revelation that Bashar al-Assad's has used chemical weapons against his own people represents an especially horrific case and one that demands an international response. We therefore support this strategic and targeted military action taken by the Trump Administration.
The world community cannot sit idly by while brutal dictators like Bashar al-Assad are allowed to terrorize their own people and defying every international law and convention in the process. Our continued inaction would be our complicity. Too many lines have been crossed and too many lives lost. Meanwhile terrorists have seized upon the region's instability, using it to wage jihad and deploy terrorists around the world, including to Europe and the United States. Thankfully, it seems the days of allowing such atrocities to be left unchecked are over.
Our prayers are with the Syrian people, that this long nightmare might soon be over. And our prayers are with our government and military leaders, that they would have strength and wisdom moving forward. And lastly, we pray for international leaders around the world, that they would join the effort in bringing stability to Syria and safety to her people. 

Marco Rubio, Florida senator and former Republican primary candidate:

Be sure of this: "The wicked will not go unpunished" Proverbs 11:21 #SyriaChemicalAttack 

Greg Laurie, Harvest Crusade evangelist:

The United States of America has struck an air base in Syria with Tomahawk and cruise missiles. This air base was the staging point for the deadly Syrian sarin attacks. President Trump, commenting on the horrific attacks of the Syrian government on it's [sic] own people, including women and children, said, 'No child of God should ever suffer such horror.' Pray for our leaders and military and the innocent victims of Syria! May God protect and bless the United States of America.

Franklin Graham, evangelist, founder of Samaritan's Purse:

Join me in praying for our nation and the innocent people in Syria suffering as a result of this awful civil war. Ask God to give wisdom to President Donald J. Trump and leaders in the Middle East to bring resolutions to the conflict, and pray that this will not escalate any further. 

Cindy Jacobs, prophet:

Praying for peace tonight. Asking God that the situation in Syria not escalate.

Joel C. Richardson, end-times expert and prolific author:

The president should be commended for moving fast and hitting hard.
Now the big question: What will the president do next? Is this a one-off attack, or will the president order a series of attacks? What are the president's goals in Syria? He should destroy Syria's airfields and air force. He should create safe zones where Syrians can be protected from chemical weapons attacks and other attacks. And he must prove that he will hit Assad with tremendous force so no leader or terrorist believes they can use weapons of mass destruction with impunity.
It's not just about Syria—the president sent a powerful message last night to Putin, the ayatollahs in Iran, the North Koreans and other American enemies and opponents. But there must be follow-up and a clear, coherent and focused strategy.
Expect the Israeli military to be on high alert for possible reprisal attacks.
I expect our key Sunni Arab allies—notably Egypt, Jordan, the Saudis and most of the Gulf states—to fully and publicly support President Trump's actions.
Let's be praying for the president and his national security advisers, for U.S. military forces around the world and particularly in the Middle East and for the suffering people of Syria.

Billy Hallowell, Faithwire editor, author of Fault Line

The Syrian conflict has been long, complicated and tragic for those individuals and families caught up in the chaos. President Donald Trump's move to strike a Syrian base comes after an unacceptable, horribly tragic and deadly attack on Syrian citizens, including children. Many in Congress have heralded Trump's act, though it's abundantly clear that considerations and a plan forward must be thoughtfully forged if the U.S. wishes to stem the tide of chaos. Regardless of where people stand on the issue, Christians must unite in prayer for America's leaders and for the situation at large. 

Dave Williams, author of Hope In the Last Days

"See, Damascus will cease from being a city; it shall be a ruinous heap" (Is. 17:1). 

This end-time prophecy from Isaiah has never yet been fulfilled, but looks likely to become a reality in the days just ahead. The United States' air strike on the Syrian airbase may be just a preview of what's coming to Damascus. We need to seriously intercede for our Christian brothers and sisters trapped in Syria, as they fear the rebels (the ones the USA are arming) more than they fear the killer President Bashar al-Assad.

With Russian and Iranian troops on the southern border of Syria now, just a mile from the border of Israel, the stage is being set for Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-39 to occur. It could be just on the horizon. Gather all intercessors and pray now! And, believers, look up and lift up your heads, for your deliverance is drawing near! (Luke 21:28; 1 Cor. 15:51-52; 1 Thess. 4:16-18).

Steve Stirling, president and CEO of MAP International: 

This week's events in Syria bring into greater focus the terrible situation facing the people in Syria. MAP International is working with its partners on the ground in Jordan and is evaluating the need for additional assistance to all those impacted by the ongoing crisis. In March, MAP International airlifted 1,000 personal hygiene kits to Jordan in support of Syrian refugees. These relief supplies followed a shipment of critical medicines and health supplies provided in January 2017. The organization, which has been responding to the Syrian refugee crisis since 2013, has provided more than $2 million in critical medicines to partner organizations working on the ground in the region. Our hearts break for the many who are suffering, and we ask you to join us in praying for the people of Syria. 

Larry Tomczak, cultural commentator:

April 7 at noon, our ministry of Intercessors for America will gather 1,000 intercessors on this First Friday for nationwide prayer, fasting and interaction with a top government leader who will inform us so we can pray intelligently about this situation. As Christians, we should be greatly encouraged by the Trump news conference during the night because our president not only spoke with God's authority but made reference to God and prayer unashamedly. May we follow his example and continue to lift up our leaders in this critical situation as we're directed in 1 Timothy 2.

Daniel K. Norris, revivalist and author:

We are at a pivotal time where America has the opportunity to repent for our past transgressions concerning our recent dealings in the Middle East especially as it affects Israel. I truly believe God has extended grace to our nation to redress policies that were anti-Israel and created the environment for regimes like Assad to continue and even strengthen. 

Last time Syria crossed the "Red Line," we turned a blind eye. Heaven watched as did the world. America was weakened, Russia, Iran and Syria were emboldened and Israel was threatened. 

The swift, decisive action of the U.S. this time has made a strong statement. A statement that was quickly affirmed by Netanyahu. 

No doubt if we were under a Clinton administration, the status quo would have continued. 

We must pray for divine wisdom to be upon our president and his advisers. These are dangerous days, but no less dangerous than before. Thankfully America's present posture is one that the world desperately needs in times like these. 

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